You’ve Probably Never Thought Of Eating Ice Cream Out Of This But Someone’s Done It!

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Would you like it to be served in a Cone or a Cup or a Croissant?

That’s right, you’re seeing it right. Someone’s up their creative game and it’s freaking genius. Nobody would have thought of such a brilliant idea but it seem’s like Dum Dum Donutterie in London has done the unthinkable. They have dubbed the new-found idea as “The Crone” (I’m guessing it was the result of fixing Croissant + Cone = Crone) sounds weird, but damn well good enough for it to cause a dessert frenzy across the world.

Feast your eyes on this sugary goodness:


Unfortunately the crone is not yet available in Singapore, but I’m pretty sure this will be breaking the internet and eventually dominating the dessert trends which just means we’ll be tasting this delicacy pretty soon. Cronuts and bingsu are becoming so passé, it’s just about time for a change-up, so let’s wait it out guys and hope for the best. 😀

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