You Won’t Believe What Actress Oon Shu An Just Laid Down On Poetry Slam

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Remember the viral makeup tutorial that turned into a thought-provoking content? The lady behind the camera has returned with yet another mind-blowing viral video, this time, presented in the form of a poetry slam.

“Here I Am..” resonates extremely well with me. Like any other fellow millennial Singaporean, I struggle with my sense of identity. Being born in a generally “whitewashed” country with traditional Asian parents, we’re pretty much stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Singaporeans need to reflect on our arrogance and ignorance.

Singapore is small, but we have a lot to say — Sometimes, a little too much. No matter major or minor, we judge, criticise, and complain about the things, situation, or people. We’re a little too petty, and a little too narrow-minded.

Extracted from Oon Shu An’s Facebook

Perception is a funny thing. Who we think we are could be completely different from who other people think we are. And where we are, definitely affects that too.

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