Watch Gigi Hadid Spill Some Bad Blood Like A Badass

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Being a model is no easy job even if it may seem otherwise.


Models need to follow a strict diet and workout plan, walk around in uncomfortable clothing and shoes for hours at a stretch, manage a hectic schedule of shows and fittings, have their hair and face messed around with using different products and the constant attention that comes with being a public figure. Supermodels probably have double the workload. Thus they take their free time very seriously and prefer to just chill and relax as much as possible.


However, this wasn’t the case when supermodel Gigi Hadid was done with her Max Mara show on 22nd September. As she was headed towards her car, a complete stranger grabbed her from behind and lifted her off the ground. Initially, she was shocked and wasn’t even able to see who it was. But once she caught a glimpse of the guy and realised it was some random person she had never met, she did what anyone would do…activate self-defense mode.



Gigi wiggled her arm out of the man’s grip and elbowed him Right.In.The.Face! The man immediately let go of her and scurried off (probably to get a new nose). Gigi didn’t stop there. She went after him (pissed off as hell) before her team had to bring her back to the car.

Women all over the world face sexual assault everyday. Some fight back whereas most try to forget about it. What Gigi did was human nature and truly inspiring. She proved to the world that women are not fragile creatures waiting for a knight to save them. If they have to, they WILL break your nose (and no, their manicure will not be ruined in the process).



Also, what was this guy thinking going after a model who practices boxing for fun?!?


See what happened and how Gigi fought off her assailant

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