Top 5 Places To Challenge Your Friends To A Spicy Chicken Eat-Off

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Singaporeans are known for their knack and love for spicy food. Even during the hottest of days, they seek out the spiciest of food. Fortunately it is easy to find eateries that have these foods included in their menus. From fast food chains to restaurants to chill out pubs, here are 5 of the best chicken wings in town.

Wingstop: Atomic Chicken


Wingstop landed on local shores in late 2013 with its first outlet in Bedok Mall and the second in City Square Mall after a few months later to cater to the central crowd. With 11 flavors to choose from, 10 originating from ‘Murica(!) and 1 specially concocted for the Singapore market, wing lovers will definitely be spoilt for choice.

However, only the brave and the bold go for the Atomic Wings. The hottest wings on the menu, is not something many can conquer easily. Though not as hot and spicy as some other joints, the wings can and will satisfy any spicy cravings that you have. Just be sure to grab a few drinks after.

Spiciness Level: 7/10
Price: $9.95 for 6 pieces, $11.95 for 8 pieces.
Bedok Mall #B1-53
City Square Mall #B1-33/34/K15
Opening hours: 11am till 9.30pm everyday.


Nene Chicken: Freaking Hot Sauce


Nene Chicken arrived in Singapore from Korea in 2012 following the chicken wing craze the past few years. With several Korean artists as their mascots, one can say that he/she will be infected with Korean DNA in their body…..not. But seriously, their chicken is made fresh every order. You can expect your food to be piping hot. They have 6 sauces for the chicken. Their Freaking Hot sauce covered chicken is one of the most popular items on the menu and I can concur that it is spicy. But the spiciness is just enough for the eaters to be content. Not crazy hot and spicy, just enough for it to be lip licking and finger smacking good.

Spiciness Level: 7.5/10
Price: $7.90 – $9.90 for a meal (drink and side inclusive)
9 outlets. Click here for more details!
Opening hours: 11am till 9.30pm everyday.


Badoque Cafe: Kepak Bing Bing


Badoque is a popular Muslim owned and run restaurant/cafe. They are notably famous for their gargantuan serving portions. Their ribs and quirkily named food items like Burning Beberd makes them popular amongst the halal conscious market. However, it is their Kepak Bing Bing, which is the spiciest item on the menu, that brings people back for more. Using local spices for the sauce, they managed to come up with something sweet and really really really spicy. Most eaters struggle to finish up one piece let alone the entire serving. The burning sensation of the chicken can be felt after just one bite! No wonder they claim that they have the “Spiciest Wings in Town.” For $12.50 you get a 10-piece mixture of wings and drumlets. Fret not, if you can’t finish, the ever-friendly servers will definitely help you to pack for you to finish at home at your own pace.

Spiciness Level: 9/10
Price: $12.50 for 10 pieces
298 Bedok Road
Tel: 64466928
246 Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 65521646
Opening hours: 12pm Mon- Thurs & Sat-Sun and 2.30pm on Fridays. Last orders at 10pm.


Sunset Grill And Pub: Buffalo Wings


This legendary diner has been around since the beginning of spicy wings craze. They were originally located near Singapore Youth Flying Club at Seletar Airport with magnificent sunset views only to be relocated at the nearby Jalan Kayu. Their relocation does not seem to deter the fans of the diner, as there’s a constant stream of people wanting to try their buffalo wings. It starts out at level 1 and goes on to level 30. It is rumored that the level 35 wings has been scraped off, as there’re barely a handful who can even reach level 30. For regular chili eaters, level 10 is enough to send their feelings into frenzy. If you got the balls and the heart and the bravery and the craziness and the well okay, you get me. Trust us the level 30 is not for the faint hearted. Be sure that you have 995 on speed dial just in case anything happens. Oh and the price of the wings also increase as the level intensifies. Don’t say we never warn you ah. We say already.


Spiciness level: Okay – Cray Cray.
Price: $28 on average. Prices increase as the level wings increases.
259 Jalan Kayu
Tel: 64820244
Opening hours: 4pm onwards.


Southern West Tavern: Suicide Wings


After going through all the other places we’ve come to this. Fans of Southernwest Tavern also claim that the restaurant has one of the spiciest wings in Singapore. Some claim that one bite of the chicken can send the stomach into the black hole. Others cry after just one taste. There’re no levels just Suicide. Suicide wings that is. Aptly named of course; though we don’t really know if there’s anyone who died after eating the wings.

FYI, the sauce is based on Jolokia Pepper, which is one of the hottest chili in the world. If you really decide to try this, then good luck. We heard that climbing Mount Everest is easier than eating 6 of the wings.

For BONUS information, this restaurant also serves the “Spaghetti From Hell (Level 18).” According to their website, if you can finish an entire plate of it in 10 minutes, you’ll win 2 towers of Heineken Beer or a S$100 dining voucher. Oh for added safety measure, you’re not allowed to participate if you have a medical condition or under 18. You even have to sign an indemnity form before taking up the challenge! Here’s a picture of the spaghetti.


Sure there’s nothing hellish about the spaghetti in the picture doesn’t look very dangerous but the same can be said of a tarantula. You have to try it to believe it. Or don’t. Just believe us. Please.


Spiciness level: Siao/Cray Cray/GG/RIP.
Price: $22 for 6 pieces of wings. $26 for “Spaghetti from Hell (level 18)”
8 Boon Lay Way #01-33
Trade hub 21 S609964
Tel: 6515 4303
Opening hours: 11am – 12am

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