Things To Keep In Your Bag That Could Save Your Life

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There are various day to day objects that could easily save our lives that we have never considered. Some of these things are probably already in your bag. If not, it’s time to add them in.

1. Super Glue

You know, in case you break a heel or accidentally snap your bracelet.


2. Power Bank

Do make sure the power bank has enough charge to last you through an emergency.


3. Mirror

Small mirrors are great when you need to know if you have spinach stuck in your teeth.


4. Tissues/Sanitiser/Baby Wipes

One word: Germs.



5. Band-aids

This is my personal must have and I make sure to keep some in my wallet at all times.


6. Trail Mix or Any Snack With A Long Shelf Life

In case you are hungry and there’s no sign of food around. Perfect for people with allergies or specific dietary needs.


7. Stain Eraser Pen

You’ll be thankful you had this when you need to attend an impromptu important meeting after a Sloppy Joe burger.


8. Mint

When is being kiss ready ever a problem?


9. A Pen

Finding paper is easy. You can always recycle receipts in your wallet when you need to note down something important.


10. Extra Hair Ties

Just in case the one you have around your wrist gets lost.


11. Foldable Flats

In case impromptu plans pop up and you know you can’t survive the entire day in your six inch heels.


12. Umbrella

The weather in Singapore is super unexpected. This is a must.


13. Dental Floss

You can’t always reach food stuck between your teeth with toothpicks. A small floss keychain is the perfect accessory.


14. Small Perfume Bottle

Smell good. Feel good.


15. Lip Balm

Never let your lips dry out. Tip: Lip balms with a slight colour stain acts as a good replacement for lipstick in times of social emergencies.


16. Nail Cutter

Nobody should have to suffer a bad manicure just because one nail hit something and slightly chipped.



You never know when an emergency might strike. Better safe than sorry.


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