The Healthy Lunchbox Test: Grain

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Healthy eating is something one should take seriously for the care of his/her individual bodies. However, it can be time consuming for those who are always on the go. The team at HypeQuiva realizes that healthy lunchbox delivery is slowly gaining attention in Singapore. With several companies to choose from, HypeQuiva wishes to share with our readers about the best ones in town.

In this HypeQuiva Goes Healthy series, we have collaborated with 4 companies – Grain, AMGD, Fitness Ration, and FitThree, together with 4 individual personalities – The Herbivore, The Little Miss Blackhole Stomach, The Busy Bee, & The Instagrammer –  that best represented majority of the Singaporeans and their lifestyle.

What is Grain all about?

Grain is a halal certified online food delivery company that manages the whole end-to-end customer experience. Their incentive structures are built around customer ratings and feedback. Started in 2014, Grain now delivers island-wide. It serves ready-to-eat food that can be pre-ordered or even on-demand, depanding on your location.

Instantly after creating an account on their website, a pop up chat will appear on the bottom right of your screen with an on-site operator who will welcome and be available to you should you have any queries at any time. You will also need to enter your postal code to set up you pick up spot.


Grain currently serves only lunch, so orders have to be placed by 10.00am latest for same day delivery – Monday to Friday, 11.00am to 2.00pm. One can have a sneak peak into the week’s menu and also opt for pre-ordering of which can be up to five days in advance. If you are within their hotspot in the CBD, you can order on-demand even after 10am, based on stock availability. Their meals start from an affordable $8.95. Perfect for individuals and groups ( Grain Business and Grain Catering), the number of items you are allowed to order are endless.


The delivery fee varies on the pick up locations and minimum order surcharge for orders under $25 are capped at $5.


Upon entering the menu page, one will be presented with a plethora of choices for the mains which are separated into 3 sections – the Highlight, Guilt Free, and Local & Hearty – all of which are self explanatory.




Think of Grain as a more wholesome alternative to UberEATS or Deliveroo, with food that is all made in-house. Grain measures the weight of all raw ingredients and the macros are then calculated using their database that cross-checks with the likes of CalorieKing.

For your add on for tea time snacking or your 2 course meal à la restaurant, Grain serves Sides, Desserts, and Drinks that are sure to whet your appetite.



One might ask how delivery food can be scrumptious. The secret to making sure the customers only receive food at its best condition, according to Grain, is making small batches of food and keeping it in a controlled temperature. That way, food wastage is reduced. Meals that have been left out for a couple of hours are not allowed to be served.

As for payment, it is done via credit card. If you are wary about keying in your credit card details online, fret not as they are processed through Stripe, and Grain does not store any of the sensitive details on their servers.

One need not worry about their meals after their order has been placed. You will receive a confirmation email and Grain will take care of the rest of it. When your meals are due for delivery, Grain will send you a text with a link that will inform you of 1) the driver and contact details, 2) the driver’s whereabouts and the duration it will take to arrive. The whole process is fuss free, as with from the beginning.

In addition, Grain takes caring for the environment into serious consideration. Everything glass and cardboard in their kitchen is recycled, although not reused. They have also recently switch to biodegradable boxes to reduce the use of plastics in bid to be more eco-friendly.

With contented customers from dynamic companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Microsoft, Apple, and many more, where and how does Grain fall into the lifestyle of many Singaporeans?


T H E  H E R B I V O R E


This health-conscious vegetarian is an absolute health nut. Vegetarians refrain from ingesting by-products of slaughter. Thus, the food options available are not limited, albeit narrowed down. The Herbivore’s diet is derived from plants – which is why focusing on food that gives maximum amount of energy is a must. Tied to a desk-bound job, The Herbivore is lightly active, aside from the daily morning meditation and occasional run.  A free spirit who focuses on positive vibes, and who is also open to try new things – as long as it meets the dietary requirements.

Meal: Dragon Well Basil Rice

The portion was perfect and flavorful. Good mix of complex carbohydrates, brown rice, barley and black rice. The peanut crumble had almost a sweet taste that paired well with the sauce. It was an unique green tea sauce that was out of the ordinary. The tofu pieces were creamy. The meal was truly amazing. It was done so well you wouldn’t think it is healthy. ”


T H E  L I T T L E  M I S S
B L A C K H O L E  S T O M A C H


This chicken lover loves to consume everything but egg yolk & vanilla. Her lifestyle involves being the ultimate couch potato – lying on the bed catching up on the latest television series whilst snacking on anything she can get her hands on. The closest to working out or being physically active is stretching just as she wakes up from her slumber. She is not keen on knowing what goes into her body, just as long as it is appealing to her taste buds. Despite all the munching, she manages to stay skinny. She wonders how she got so lucky but wishes to stop snacking, eventually.

Meal: 12 Hour Braised Chicken Leg with Artichoke and Chicken Consomme Stew

Calories 515kcal  Protein 50g  Carbs 54g  Fat 10g

“ Grain had a generous portion of chicken thigh – like my whole box was almost covered in chicken. They were so soft and tender that it was actually falling apart. Although you might think that chicken and vegetables would be underwhelming, but I felt really full after that. I love the flavours to the dish as it reminded me of the dish my mom cooks. ”

T H E  B U S Y  B E E 


This Busy Bee’s planner is always up to date filled with parties, events, and current happenings. She is an intuitive eater who finds eating to be a chore, hence eats only when the stomach grumbles – to get the hunger out of her already packed schedule. In her attempt to refrain from consuming unhealthy food, including rice, The Busy Bee secretly snacks before bedtime. She trusts that the food she had in the day met the dietary requirements and considers running in heels to get to an appointment on time a form of workout.

Meal: Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon with Citrus Vinaigrette on Pasta Salad

Calories 654kcal  Protein 46g  Carbs 73g  Fat 20g

“ Cold pasta is everything to me and I like that Grain offers that. The pan seared salmon was really crispy on the outside, soft and flaky on the inside that I actually felt upset when it was finished. I also feel like I have  found my new favourite way of enjoying salmon and that’s  just the way Grain serves it.  It’s an unforgetable sensation in the mouth. The citrus vinaigrette definitely added a fancyful flavour to my whole meal. Without it, the meal is good, but with it, it’s a whole new level of taste. ”


T H E  I N S T A G R A M M E R


Like your typical Asian, The Instagrammer loves taking photos of food before eating. Food mantra: A plate full of colors heightens the taste sensation. Although not a picky eater, the plate has to be full of colors and visually appealing. However, The Instagrammer takes health into serious consideration – eating according to the recommended dietary requirements and being physically active — working out at least three times a week (both light and heavy).

Meal: Grilled Farm Fresh Chicken with Pesto on Organic Mix Grains

Calories 549kcal  Protein 45g  Carbs 61g  Fat 14g

“As I opened the box, I was immediately attacked by the powerful smell of herbs. It was top notch colourful and bright, the visuals appealing to the eyes, whetting the appetite. The rice was fragrant, and deliciously crunchy.  The pesto is fresh and flavourful, tomatoes so tangy and juicy. How about the chicken you may ask? Little smoky tender, possibly the best chicken I have had to date.”

Perhaps it’s time to try some flavour forward meals ? Order from Grain today. Or maybe you would like to get to know more about them and their community, then their Facebook and Instagram are available for convenient stalking.

Grain – food that delights, delivered to your doorstep.

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