Suzette: A Dessert Bar Concept By Lola’s + Picnic And Menu Hacks

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If you’re a frequent customer of Lola’s Cafe and On The Table or you have simply heard of how popular they are, you will love Suzette! Suzette is the third installation of the people who were behind Lola’s and On The Table, and no, this time round it isn’t another cafe but a dessert bar. Located in the heart of the city and approximately 5 minutes away from Esplanade MRT, Suzette is highly accessible.

Watch how we spent our day at Suzette here!


In the midst of all the restaurants and bars, the small, quaint dessert place stands out with it’s pastries and ice cream. They have an extensive list of desserts, some of which you can’t even find at the other two cafes.




The shop is a little tight on space but it certainly feels cosy, and we will have to thank the service crew for that. We were greeted so warmly, and our needs were quickly attended to even though there was only two staff on shift. Time seems to go slower here, maybe because of the soft acoustics in the background that are a contrast to the hustle bustle of the city scene. We love how the natural light pour in from the huge glass windows – a must-have for a perfect photo!


Suzette has a huge variety of desserts ranging from tarts to cakes to ice cream to tea and coffee and even alcohol! The price range is totally reasonable for it’s prime location and quality. We managed to try some of the desserts and drinks so read on to find out more!


Black Sesame Tart with Matcha Cookies Shavings ($6)

We thought that this was like a “designer” tart, super oriental but with a Western twist; it is a match made in heaven, you wouldn’t find the black sesame overpowering the matcha and vice versa. The filling itself was so light and creamy it reminded us of the skin of a snow skin mooncake. The distinct matcha flavours will definitely speak to matcha lovers!

Rating: 4/5


Banana Earl Grey Cake ($8)

For those who like to indulge in decadent cakes. This banana cake is sweet yet fluffy and smooth, this impressive combination of banana, earl grey, and chocolate has caught our attention. These are all strong-flavoured foods, yet they complement each other so well you can still taste each component so clearly. The generous amount of bananas in the cake made us go bananas (pun intended)!

Rating: 3.5/5


Coffee Hazelnut Tart ($6)

Calling all coffee fanatics! It’s a must-try for you guys. The mousse is creamy and fluffy you’ll find yourself gobbling it up in seconds. Not as sweet as we thought and we love it that way, we thought it was the best tart at Suzette. You’ve to try it for yourself because we can’t put it into words.

Rating: 5/5


Salted Caramel Popcorn Cake ($8)

Soft vanilla sponge cake with a layer of salted caramel cream in between perfectly paired with salted caramel popcorn on the side. Popcorn was fresh and crispy, best of all, it was sprinkled all over the slice of cake! Definitely worth the price and calories.

Rating: 3/5


White Chocolate Durian Tart ($12)

It is the one for every durian lover. Underneath the white chocolate dome is a generous amount of durian paste is so rich and flavourful and to have chunks in it, wow! We thought $12 was expensive, but after we cut this tart up, I’d willingly pay $12 for it anytime. Super worth it plus it looks like Esplanade Mall, where Suzette is situated! But, you would have to share. Otherwise, it may be a bit jelak.

Rating: 3/5


Lychee Rosewater Cake ($8)

This light, airy, feminine cake got our hearts. It looks creamy with all the swirls, but to our surprise, it was fluffy and not overbearing! It gave us a romantic vibe too because of the rose petals used. The distinct lychee taste that seems to perfume the cake – so fragrant and a great match with the rosewater. Mmmm, really craving for some right now!

Rating: 4/5


Shaken Iced Tea ($8)

A fruity tea with jelly pulps, flowers and even the real strawberry fruit itself. It’s a fun drink if you’d ask. Insta-worthy, yummy and indeed a refreshing drink that will perk you up. It would make an excellent pairing with the White Chocolate Durian Tart!

Rating: 3/5



Waffle with Double Scoop ($15)

It was our favourite so far because we felt that this has so many personalities to it. Suzette has several other ice cream flavours, but this combination of Strawberry Cheesecake and Lemon Basil is the best! The Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream is rich and creamy; there are also cheesecake chunks in it. Super flavourful but balanced out by the Lemon Basil ice cream which was so light and contrast to the other. Its sourness is so slight that it doesn’t overpower, but it was quite refreshing! We were told it was more like a sorbet and perfect for those who doesn’t have a sweet tooth at the same time. The waffles are crispy on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside. They don’t get soggy despite the ice cream melting on the top.

Rating: 5/5

Picnic Hacks


So one thing you didn’t know you could do at Suzette is that you can have a picnic out at the lawn right in front of it! However, you won’t have to bring your mat and your picnic basket. In fact, you don’t even need to bring anything besides you and your wallet (and of course, your friends!) because Suzette has got your backs!


You just have to deposit a $50 fee for the basket and the mat and voila! Don’t worry, your $50 will go back to you once you return the basket! They even have dried flowers for you to decorate your picnic setting, perfect for a square on Instagram huh? You could probably even use that space for an event, say celebrating an anniversary with your beloved. Just imagine hanging fairy lights on a breezy night as you reminisce good times with him/her.

Menu Hacks


Like every other cafes, there are always some things that we didn’t know we could order and when we do, we are amazed. Or the combinations of food the staff always order but it’s not on the menu. You know, those secret menus not many know about? Well, we kidnapped Suzette’s founder and made her spill the beans. Just kidding! But yes, we managed to dig out some secrets.

Brownie Slice With A Scoop Of Ice Cream ($8): Forget the classic combo of brownies and vanilla ice cream, be adventurous and go for the salted caramel one. What’s a better combo of sweet and salty?

Orange Almond Cake ($6) With A Scoop of Ice Cream ($4): Okay, this is the best kept secret here. You must order the orange almond cake and ask for it to be heated up. Have it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Just try it. You’re welcome.

Iced Coffee Float ($9): Nope, no vanilla ice cream for this. And yes, salted caramel again.

Marbled Coffee: Instagram-worthy, that’s for sure. What’s is a marbled coffee though? It’s basically layered coffee, with the cold milk and the bottom and hot espresso on top.

Alcohol: Suzette does serve some mean cocktails upon request!

Whole Cakes ($58): Suzette do have whole cakes which you can pre-order!

Suzette Facebook | Instagram
8 Raffles Avenue , #01-13E Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802
Operating hours: Tues to Thus & Sun 3pm – 10pm | Fri & Sat 3pm – 11pm | Closed on Mondays

Remember, desserts is stressed spell backwards, so if you’re ever feeling stressed or just craving for a quiet little place to get your sweet tooth fixed, Miss Suzette will be here for you!

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