Square Is The New Rectangle: Fujifilm Announces Square Format Instax Camera And Films

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Before Instagram, there was Instax. Everyone loves the instant-print camera so much that some even have all the versions! But with the growing popularity of Instagram and the fact that the hype is not going to die down any sooner, Instax have found a way to stay relevant to this society who focuses so much on aesthetically-pleasing pictures. 

When there was Instagram and people wanted printable square photos of their very minimalistic, hippy masterpieces, online photo-printing services were born. If you were one of those who wanted to hang the beautiful squares against your walls, you’d be familiar with Printwich and Social Print Studio (formerly known as Printstagram). These ideas started off in the U.S. in the beginning so some of us had to pay more and wait for the square photos to reach our mailbox. With this idea slowly taking off, there were more services as such in Singapore.

Good news for us, Fujifilm has announced that they will be releasing the new Instax Square Camera in 2017 just right after launching its monochrome film a few weeks back! They have promised that this new, exciting change has the “potential to drastically evolve the role and presence of instant photography”, and ‘instax cameras and films will be able to respond to a broader range of photographic subjects and situations than ever before’.

Don’t worry about the online-printing businesses because they have so many photo options like photo strips that Fujifilm doesn’t have! We can’t wait to get our hands on it when it’s out! What do you think of this Instax Square Camera?

All images taken from Fuijifilm

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