Snapchat Surprises Us With New Camera Glasses. You Will Be Shocked !

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Snapchat will soon be releasing their its very first hardware product called ‘Spectacles.’ They have been secretly working on it since 2014 and are finally announcing it to the world. The sunglasses are designed to record videos at 10-seconds increments. Snap Inc has mentioned to sell it in small batches tags it at a price of $130. There are still many doubts about the product but here’s a scoop on it!

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What is ‘Spectacles‘?

Spectacles are sunglasses that combines a video camera that makes it simpler to create memories. Its camera has 115-degree lenses that play videos in full screen on any devices. The glasses help connect directly to snap chat via Bluetooth or wifi. It then transfers your Memories directly into the app in a brand new circular video format to mimic the way the human eye sees. What’s more? It comes in three colours: black, teal and coral.

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How is the battery life?

The battery life runs for a day. It also comes with a charging case.

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How long can I record a video?

The longest you can record a video is for 30 seconds.

How is this different from Google glasses?

To begin with, it looks way more promising than Google glasses. The stylish exterior is a sure way to attract consumers. The price of the spectacles is a fraction of the Google glasses that makes it a better option to invest. The spectacles also are handier and more personalised as compared to Google glasses.

Is there anything else To know?

The fact is that Snap Inc has released limited information on the product. One will be the image quality of this product. Where will it be sold? Is it waterproof? However, it will all soon be out to know!

This product is a lot like Snapchat. Fun and silly. Hence we cannot really take it seriously!

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