Seems Like The Bat-Signal Is Lit Due To Too Many Killer Clowns

by Deya Banerjee 226 views0


The killer clown craze seems to have died down a little. Wondering why? It’s because of Batman!


Who knew one day we would actually be on the lookout for Batman to save us from a clown. 2016 has had some weird moments but this one takes the cake. The killer clown craze has left children (and adults) all over UK scared and afraid. But there’s a new hero in town. He may not be the hero we deserve but he is definitely the hero we need right now.


A man dressed as Batman has been wandering the streets at night hunting¬†for “killer clowns”. Not sure if this will aggravate the killer clown craze since the clowns may take it as a challenge to bring Batman down but according to Batman, he is “taking care of it”.

Let’s just hope the killer clown craze doesn’t take too long to die down. We wouldn’t want to see our hero turn into the villain.


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