Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With This New Healthy Dessert Obsession

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Old is Gold.

Smoothies are back in the business and this time, it’s in the 2016 version.

Slurping smoothie comes as a no brainer but, taking it out of the bottle and putting it into a bowl, now that’s something new!

You’ve probably already seen these aesthetically pleasing and yummy smoothie bowls somewhere on social media, so it probably comes as no surprise that they are spreading like wildfire globally.

You may be wondering what’s so different about a smoothie being in a bottle or being in a bowl?

Well, smoothies in a bowl are supposedly thicker and creamier so that it will be able to hold a lot of multiple toppings. You’ll be able to achieve the consistency by blending frozen fruits and vegetable. The decorating process of a smoothie in a bowl is probably why it is so appealing, it pleases the eyes and it also pleases the tongue. And in addition to all that, it is considered a healthier treat. You can’t really find a reason as to why you wouldn’t try this delectable goodness!

So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for the nearest smoothie bowls available to you now!

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