7 Reasons Why Singaporeans Love Pasar Malams

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Pasar Malam – otherwise known as night markets, are part of Singapore’s heritage that has seen generations grown on this tiny speck on the map. Pasar Malams are usually situated near flats and they sell everything from food to clothes to plants. They usually last about a week or sometimes longer. However, Singapore’s transition to an even more modern city has seen a decline in the appearance of these night markets. The businesses of the stalls at Pasar Malams reported a drop in revenue and sad to say, Pasar Malams may vanish in the future. We love Pasar Malams and we certainly hope it will stay for the generations to come. Here are the reasons why we do.

1. Super cheap and yummy food


For some reasons, the imitation sharks’ fin at pasar malam seems to taste better than those at banquets. At just a few dollars, we can get lots of really good yet affordable food that caters to any race. There’s always a huge variety of food there that we will never get sick of. Pasar malams are also the only legit place we can get our candy floss and popcorns from! And the only place we can get our Ramly Burger fix.

2. Carnivals


At bigger pasar malams like Uncle Ringo, we tend to get carnival rides! Some that are near HDBs with large space would sometimes have 1 or 2 rides too. Whether we are adults or kids, we love going on these rides. Plus, it’s like a cheaper, more Singaporean USS.

3. Cheap Phone Accessories


Okay, yes some can get a little pricey but most of them are actually quite affordable. Screen protectors, phone cases, earphones, anything you need. They may not be the best but hey, they work so why not?

4. Games


This is one of the highlights when we were kids. We always had the really mini magnet version of it but to see it right in front of you in this size, wow. The water in the tank itself already makes the game ten times more enticing.

5. Clothes


Maybe not all, but you can’t deny that some clothes at the pasar malam are of good quality and good price! I remember buying all my pyjamas and those Racial Harmony Day costumes at pasar malams. Ah, what a steal!

6. Plants


Mini pots, small pots, medium pots, large pots. Any size, any kind, the pasar malam has it all. As kids, we love looking at the really small cactus and begging our parents to buy one for us and as we grow older, we don’t even give these plants a second glance. But you know, the small ones are really great for decorating your work desks!

7. Near where we live


Always just a stone’s throw away from our homes, pasar malams are always within walking distance or otherwise, a few bus stops away. We can spend as long as we want there without having to fret about reaching home late, etc because well, it’s right downstairs.

Pasar Malams are like disappearing stars in the scene of Singapore and thinking about it right now just brings back so many memories and so much nostalgic feelings come rushing back. I hope our night markets stay true to our roots and will be there for generations to witness.

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