13 Problems Naturally Skinny People Face And Everyone Should Read #8

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Fellow skinny friends, you are not alone. It’s frustrating that people stereotype us as weak, so this one is for all you thin people out there. We understand some of you are just concerned but no, we don’t need any of it, we are good. Here are the some things ALL of us hate and you should NEVER do it.

1. Being asked if we need help. We will ask you for help when we need it. Thanks but no thanks.

2. Hearing “OMG you are so skinny!!! Do you even eat? Eat more!” DUH. Prolly more than you.

3. When people make that joke about how skinny people will vanish into thin air one day. Or get blown away by the wind.

4. When people look at our size and decide that we are weak.

5. When they question our choice to exercise because apparently, exercising does not apply to us.

6. Being asked if we have an illness. Or eating disorder.

7. When people get so surprised you did something skinny people were not expected to do.

8. We aren’t allowed to feel insecure about how we look because being skinny is socially acceptable.

9. People telling you it’s not fair that we are that skinny naturally and in fact, we are very lucky.

10. People manhandling us to just to comment on how light we are.

11. Being told “real women have curves”.

12. When we say we don’t have any secrets to being this skinny and they refuse to believe.

13. We will probably get roasted for this post.

Skinny is a word of description and no one should be looking up to this as a modal body shape/size, or a fashion statement. No one should put “skinny” on such a high pedestal. As much as fat-shaming is a thing, skinny-shaming does exist too and being it should not be socially acceptable to the degree where people are expected to be skinny. This is a very controversial topic where everyone will have their own say but let’s not forget to be mindful about the feelings of others, be it fat or skinny. This applies to everyone; old or young, men or women, gay or straight: the word we are looking at should always be healthy.

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