Mustafa Chronicles: Weird Items You Can Find In Mustafa

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By now you should know about Mustafa well enough from my previous articles on Mustafa Centre. If not hop on back and read all about it! During our visit, we also discovered some pretty weird, wacky and some wtf items sold. From toys to food items, here are some of them that we found. 

The Bone In Prison


I had no idea what this was until I walked past it and it scared the shit out of me. It is literally what it is written on the box. It screams at people! Why would anyone want to get this?! Actually I would. Heh.

This Pillow


The moment I saw this ($19.90), I knew it’s going in the weird and wacky list. It’s a pillow that you can put on your neck, arm, chest, back and lastly you can sit on it. I mean I get the idea but I would never use a pillow for my head and then sit on it. Its…durtyyyy.

Huge A** Tang Powder


Tang ($13.90) is actually powdered syrup. Just add in water to make a flavored drink. In this case you get an orange flavored drink. This Tang pack is humongous that it weighs a ton! K not really. But still you’d have to be a pretty serious Tang fan to get that.

Tube Cheese


This tube cheese ($4.50) is pretty wtf. I mean who the heck wants cheese in a tube?! Cheese is supposed to be in slices or grated or at least in hard solid form. This tube cheese takes the cake for being a bit too weird. I get that it’s aimed for kids because of the cartoonish packaging and all but I wouldn’t even let my kids get near that. Best of all, it has a variety of flavors! No wonder it looked like no one has bought it ever. Eww.



To each his own. This Bovonto drink ($1) is from India, is supposed to be grape flavored and also a crowd pleaser. But grapes are either supposed to be green or purple. This, this is black. I saw no hints of purple. I am actually quite adventurous in tasting drinks (non-alcoholic beer, fizzy milk, yogurt and all) but this one just didn’t attract me enough. I think I’ll try it soon but soon can also mean the next 10 years. Sorry. 

Chocolate Dipped Jelly Beans


I love jellybeans; even the disgusting ones from Jelly Belly. You know the ones which you have to spin an arrow and you’ve to eat whatever it points at? Actually I don’t really like the disgusting flavored ones, I just like the idea of it. OK. Anyway, these chocolate dipped beans ($3.80) are from the same brands and I think is a unique creation. It’s weird and wacky at the same time. Haven’t tried it though. Will do soon enough….

Dried Cherries


I’ve seen dried prunes, raisins, figs, plums and even kiwi. But I have never ever seen dried cherries ($8.50) before. I don’t think they even sell it at regular supermarkets (another point why Mustafa is the best place to shop). This wacky find at Mustafa is proof that if you can eat it, you can dry it; and then eat it.

Swing Baby


This doll is actually downright creepy. Its like the clean version of chuckie. Look at her big eyes so innocent so pure that’s until you switch off the lights at night. K kidding. But imagine having hundreds of this at home at night and moving by itself. Lol IM OUTTA HEREEEE.

Camera Handbag


So you’re a female photographer who wants to keep her camera safe and still look good? Got you fam. Here’s a camera handbag! It does its job of keeping your camera safe but I don’t think it keeps the fashion police at bay. I think your arms will kill you if you keep holding it up. Sorry not an advocate for this. This is wtf.

I’m sure that there is a lot more weird (and a bit pointless) stuff over at Mustafa that we didn’t find during our outing. If you know any others, let us know!

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