More Reasons To Spam Your Friends With These New Emojis

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Who doesn’t love emojis! We are going to have 72 new emojis!

That’s right. Thanks to Unicode Consortium (the people in charge of creating emojis—and doing other software stuff) who came up with new emojis that will up our texting game. Though the organization assured the world that no more emojis would come until 2017, they just hit us a with a major plot twist and decided to fast-forward the release of 72 emoticons. That’s right, 72 brand new emojis will be coming to your phone this month. YAS.


Among the new emojis are an avocado, a shrugging girl (you can finally say goodbye to this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), a delicious dumpling, bacon (we didn’t have bacon emoji until now?!), whiskey on the rocks, (our editor’s favourite drink) and omg this is my favourite, facepalm girl!


I am already starting to think of stories we can come up with these emojis  😆

Check out this site to see the whole list of emojis!

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