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It has been a little over a week since Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris and if there’s anything we should learn from the incident, it’s that we are responsible for our own safety. We can always pretend that we’re tycoons and hire a bodyguard to follow suit but just like Kim K’s case, it shows that they are humans too. They CANNOT be there for you all the time. Instead, why don’t we equip ourselves with the same knowledge and techniques that a bodyguard posses?

Granted, there are not many violent happenings in our little red dot but one should always be prepared. Imagine looking all fabulous and taking someone down at the same time. Oh what a sight!

1. E V O L V E  M I X E D  M A R T I A L  A R T S

I got made fun of a lot in school because of my athletic frame. That I was more muscular than most boys. And I wasn't even as athletic then as I am now. I used to be so self conscious because all I wanted was to be able to fit in. To blend in. To be a regular, slim, fair, chinese girl. I tried products and even pills to lose weight or to get fairer skin. (Which doesn't work btw) And now when I think back about it, I was like 15. If I had a kid at that age doing what I did feeling that way about herself, I would beat her with a fish and then give her a hug. – You are better off being different. You are better off weird. You are better off the way you were meant to be. – You don't realize it when you're younger but being weird/different when you're older is a very good thing. You don't wanna become one of those factory made, dime a dozen type things. Embrace who you are and become the best version of yourself. We are ALL made to do great things. DIFFERENT great things. Do whatever it takes to find that love for yourself. Learn to love yourself first then people will start to love you for you. Not because of how you look or how talented you are but because of how beautiful you are as a person.

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Known as the greatest academies on Earth by MMA.com, also ranked #1 in Asia by CNN, Fox Sports, ESPN StarSports, and many other leading authorities, Evolve MMA offers a myriad of classes ranging from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Wrestling. They do offer Self-Defense classes too should one intends to focus on only that.

26 China Street (Far East Square)
Singapore 049568

1 Selegie Road (Pomo Mall)
Singapore 188306

181 Orchard Road (Orchard Central)
Singapore 238896

Tel: 65 6337 0082
Official Web

2. F I G H T  G

Sweaty rolls on a Sunday afternoon #BJJ

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So angry at those leather mitts. #fightg #wsof #wsofglobal @wsof_global

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Fight G MMA Academy claims to provide hard-style competitive training different from other regular gyms. They also focus on specialized training to allow students to generate their own fighting styles.

41C North Canal Road 
Tel: 65 6438 5788
Official Web

3. P R O T E C T  S G

Heat is just a word Another set pls!

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Muay thai trains mind body & soul

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“REALISTIC TRAINING. REALISTIC SCENARIOS. REALISTIC APPLICATIONS” Safe to say, they prepare you for a situation possibly like Kim K’s.

11 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059654

Tel: 65 9832 3024
Official Web

4. T R I F E C T A  M A R T I A L  A R T S

Starting a new #TrifectaSG #birthday #tradition: The #SharkTank #BJJ #jiujitsu #jitz #killit #BJJBFF #love

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Trifecta Martial Arts offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai for ages 3 and above. You can now train your little one to be a mini ninja. Hai-yah!

18 Ah Hood Road #04-51
Singapore 329982

Tel: 65 6334 3812
Official Web

5. K A P A P  A C A D E M Y

catch wrestling-mutiple submissions #catchwrestling

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This is what we do on a Monday night.

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Kapap Academy is based on the Israeli self defense system- Kapap, and was founded by martial arts expert, Teo Yew Chye, after his brother was murdered. Classes are based on real life scenarios with a strong emphasis of hand-to-hand combat as well as weapons.

144 Robinson Road #05-01 (Robinson Square)
Singapore 048545
82 Lorong 23 Geylang Road #02-02
Singapore 388409

Tel: 65 9027 6996 
Official Web

6. V A N D A  B O X I N G  C L U B


Ranked as Singapore’s top club for boxing and Muay Thai, the instructors are good by local standards and the classes are taught in a cardio boxing format with emphasis on fitness, according to Yahoo Sports.

108 Robinson Road
Singapore 068900

Tel: 65 9027 6996 
Official Web

It’s time to go out there and kick some ass!

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