Is The Apple Mac Getting A New Look?

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It has been wayyyyyyy too long since Apple made any major changes to their Mac lineup. The only updates that the newer Macs have are small changes like the retina display and extra memory storage.

It seems like things are about to change. Apple just sent out media invites for an event in Cupertino on Thursday, October 27th. Nobody knows for sure what Apple will announce but there are many speculations and theories suggesting an update to their Macbook pros and Airs.

This was the ad for the Mac in 1984

This is their media invite for 2016


Rumours suggest a touch-capable OLED strip on the keyboard above the number row, Touch ID on the Mac for the first time and of course, the computers will likely be thinner and lighter. The butterfly keyboard mechanism, tiered battery design and reliance on USB-C all seem to be likely updates as well. Hopefully Apple will surprise us with amazing things like they did with the iPhone 7 and iOS 10.

Seems like some big changes for the way we use laptops. Let’s hope so 🙂


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