What You Didn’t Know About The Month Of October And How It Will Change Your Life

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October seems to be all about Halloween and Fall trends, but have you heard about the artsy side of it?

31 days, 31 drawings. That’s the challenge thousands of artists all over the world take up every October. It started out as a personal challenge by artist Jake Parker to improve his drawing skills in 2009 and has now become an initiative that artists all over the world take up every October (or Inktober).

It sounds pretty simple since all you have to do is one ink drawing per day. However, it really challenges your creative side and encourages you to outdo yourself. The #inktober is a trending hashtag through all social media platforms, especially Instagram, where artists can discover and get inspiration from others in their community.

Whether you are Da Vinci’s apprentice, a struggling artist or someone who can’t even hold a paintbrush, Inktober is a time to put those differences aside and grow as an artist and as a person. Art has a way of opening us up to new experiences that we just can’t fathom and Inktober will be the life changing experience you need.

Here are some Instagram artists whose Inktober work will have you feeling all kinds of emotions. Follow and like to show your support and keep inspiring them to do what they do.

1. Here’s a little Halloween scare to begin with



2. Draw me like one of your Inktober sketches?

#inktober #inktober2016 #autoretrato #draw #ink #sketch #quantaacademia #quantaacademiadeartes

A photo posted by Paulo Andrade (@paulohandradex) on


3. Music album art or Ink sketch?

Inktober Day 11 ✔️ . #inktober #inktober2016 #design #girl #geometric #drawing #art #inktoberday11 #moon

A photo posted by Sydney (@battrypwr111) on


4. Sometimes the simple and minimal things in life are the most beautiful

11/31 #inktober phew! Day almost got away from me!

A photo posted by Holly McCaig Creative (@hollymccaig) on


5. Any Marvel fans out there?

Jessica Jones for #Inktober #artistsoninstagram #inktober2016 #portrait #fanart #jessicajones #marvel

A photo posted by Felicia Cano (@felicia_cano_art) on


6. When it’s Inktober and you can’t find paper…get creative!



7. Take your time to discover this detailed gem

Hipster artist's indulgence. #inktober #day4 #inktober2go #intober2016 #artist #doodleart

A photo posted by Doodle. Fashion. Art. (@sushmitakn2694) on


8. When art inspires your next hair style

my sassy girl #inktober #inktober2016 #hanbok

A photo posted by julie! kwon! (@blobbydoggy) on


9. Someone took INKtober to a whole new level of inking



10. Scary yet fascinating


11. You are never too old for Disney

Day 11 of #inktober ! #rapunzel #inktober2016 #disney #floatinglantern #sakurajoker #chihirohowe #iii #tangled #InspiredByRapunzel

A photo posted by Anne Chihiro Howe Takogawa (@chihirohowe) on


12. Inktober isn’t just black and white


13. Even Disney is inking!



14. Just look at the detail in her hair!



15. Does this remind anyone of the Harry Potter universe?



Give Inktober a try (there’s still time left)! You’ll never know how far you can get until you actually get there.


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