The Healthy Lunchbox Test: Fitness Ration

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Healthy eating is something one should take seriously for the care of his/her individual bodies. However, it can be time consuming for those who are always on the go. The team at HypeQuiva realizes that healthy lunchbox delivery is slowly gaining attention in Singapore. With several companies to choose from, HypeQuiva wishes to share with our readers about the best ones in town.

In this HypeQuiva Goes Healthy series, we have collaborated with 4 companies – AMGD, Fitness Ration, Fit Three, and Grain, together with 4 individual personalities – The Herbivore, The Little Miss Blackhole Stomach, The Busy Bee, & The Instagrammer –  that best represented majority of the Singaporeans and their lifestyle.

Fitness Ration who?

Fitness Ration is the first ever to combine the concept of 100% natural, gender-specific healthy food with the convenience of ready to eat meals. They make for an awesome healthy option – especially in secluded areas, when it’s after closing hours, or when you just need a healthy fix that is 4 minutes away.

Fitness Ration is currently not halal certified, however, their supplies of ingredients are. They also refrain from the use of any pork, lard, or alcohol within their kitchen premises.

All of Fitness Ration’s meals go through the blast freezing process. This process allows freshly cooked meals to be reduced immediately to freezing point. Similar to hibernation, this prevents bacteria growth, and it retains optimum quality, shape, size, and taste of each ingredient.


At the start of your order journey, you are given a chance to choose between two meal plans – Lean On Me and/or Heavy Duty – where the former offers a high fiber count and is great for a general healthy eating, whilst the latter offers a higher carb count, which is great for high cardio or performance individuals.


As for the gender specific portions, the differences lie in the protein count. For Him portions have about 10g of extra portion, therefore adding to total caloric count. Easier put, treat it like extra add-ons, or an upsized version of the meals. Ultimately, these are guidelines that are according to the Health Promotion Board’s RDA and you’re free to choose from any portion sizes you like.

For Her Bundles




For Him Bundles



Their meals come in Bundles because they believe in optimal convenience and sustainable solutions without the dreaded commitments of a subscription model. Choose your preferred Bundle size and all you have to do us store, heat, eat. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to grab individual meals, you can pop by their facility store where they produce them at 774 North Bridge Road.


When ordering the meals, the customers will have a profound understanding of the breakdown of the meals. Not only will you know the ingredients, but also the nutrition that you are putting into your body.


The meals are designed to be a super easy solution for on-the-go urbanites & health/fitness enthusiasts. Simply pop them into the microwave and you’re set for a piping hot meal. (They recommend thawing in the chiller overnight for best quality)

Snap frozen meals stay for up to 1 month in the freezer and stays fresh in the chiller for 3 days – perfect for consuming any time, any day 24/7. Who knew healthy eating could be that easy?

Speaking of any time, any day, the best part about Fitness Ration is that it has no closing hours. This means that you get to opt for the delivery time, even if you plan on burning the midnight oil or sleeping in.

Place your orders by 9am for same day delivery. They deliver island-wide, Sundays – Thursdays, all the way till 10pm.

Fitness Ration does everything right from scratch, the real way. Every menu uses 100% extra virgin olive oil, no preservatives, no additives, no msg, and non-chemically treated animals – so you know your individual meals have been treated with extra care. Their head chef is a fan of using humble ingredients to create something special and unique.

No subscription plan and no closing hours, just how well does this sustainable easy solution for eating right fall into the lives of the 4 personalities?

For this, Fitness Ration gave an exclusive sneak peak into their developing Vegetarian/Meatless Menu.


T H E  H E R B I V O R E


This health conscious vegetarian is an absolute health nut. Vegetarians refrain from ingesting by-products of slaughter. As a result, the food options available are not limited, albeit narrowed down. The Herbivore’s diet is derived from plants – which is why focusing on food that gives maximum amount of energy is a must. Tied to a desk-bound job, The Herbivore is lightly active, aside from the daily morning meditation and occasional run.  A free spirit who focuses on positive vibes, and who is also open to try new things – as long as it meets the dietary requirements.

Meal: Meatless Lasagna (For Him, Heavy Duty)

“I understand that creating a vegetarian/meatless menu that is both high in protein count and freezes + heat well can be a challenge. As they are new, the meals have room for improvement, such as including more beans and legumes, indefinitely. However, Fitness Ration did a good job at sufficiently balancing/proportioning the necessary nutrients and keeping me full throughout the day.”


T H E  L I T T L E  M I S S
B L A C K H O L E  S T O M A C H


This chicken lover loves to consume everything but egg yolk & vanilla. Her lifestyle involves being the ultimate couch potato – lying on the bed catching up on the latest television series whilst snacking on anything she can get her hands on. The closest to working out or being physically active is stretching just as she wakes up from her slumber. She is not keen on knowing what goes into her body, just as long as it is appealing to her taste buds. Despite all the munching, she manages to stay skinny. She wonders how she got so lucky but wishes to stop snacking, eventually.

Meal: Mediterranean Dory with Bell Peppers (For Him, Lean On Me)

Calories 585kcal  Protein 62g  Carbs 55g  Fat 13g  Fibre 11g  Sodium 2g  Sugar 8g

“ The whole meal was really filling. For a microwaveable meal, the vegetables were actually exceptionally tasteful. And the dory fish – don’t even get me started. You know when you buy the fish from the market and freeze it for later on in the week but by the time you cook it, it is not as fresh? Well not with Fitness Ration! You could really taste the sweetness and freshness of it all, like they were cooked in the morning! However, pasta could be a little bit more al dente, but overall was two thumbs up. Definitely more filling, less oily.

I had the meal during lunchtime and even though it was filling and suitably for males, I was in search for my next meal come evening.  I did not expect Fitness Ration to be my only meal throughout the day, and I guess that’s why they come in a bundle. Nobody really eats once a day, right? ”


T H E  B U S Y  B E E


This Busy Bee’s planner is always up to date filled with parties, events, and current happenings. She is an intuitive eater who finds eating to be a chore, hence eats only when the stomach grumbles – to get the hunger out of her already packed schedule. In her attempt to refrain from consuming unhealthy food, including rice, The Busy Bee secretly snacks before bedtime. She trusts that the food she had in the day met the dietary requirements and considers running in heels to get to an appointment on time a form of workout.

Meal: Chicken Breast with Ginger and Pear Chutney (For Him, Heavy Duty)

Calories 630kcal  Protein 56g  Carbs 83g  Fat 6g  Fibre 9g  Sodium 1g  Sugar 7g

If I knew healthy eating would be this good, I wish I would have discovered Fitness Ration Sooner! I had them pretty late in the day, but it perked me up after meal. I admire the convenience that they offer – the whole snap frozen thing, especially for those with a lifestyle alike. My chicken with the ginger & pear chutney was soft and had chunky bits to it – something fun in my mouth when chewing. I’ve never had them before, so it was an interesting experience. Pasta was whole wheat like any other – to fill your recommended carbs. By the time I was done with the chicken and pasta, I had no available space for the garden mixed greens. It was definitely hearty.

I do wonder though, what if one does not have any available microwave at the time of consumption? I guess you could heat it up at home and store in a bag for a quick lunch. Or head down to your nearest 7-Eleven store and borrow their microwave! ”


T H E  I N S T A G R A M M E R


Like your typical Asian, The Instagrammer loves taking photos of food before eating. Food mantra: A plate full of colors heightens the taste sensation. Although not a picky eater, the plate has to be full of colors and visually appealing. However, The Instagrammer takes health into serious consideration – eating according to the recommended dietary requirements and being physically active — working out at least three times a week (both light and heavy).

Meal: Apricot Glazed Salmon (For Him, Heavy Duty)

Calories 782kcal  Protein 80g  Carbs 75g  Fat 18g  Fibre 3g  Sodium 0g  Sugar 7g

“ Fitness Ration lived up to my food mantra, without a doubt. It looks so colourful and when you heat it up in the microwave, I feel like it was enticing me. I ate every single thing on that bowl. The vegetables were soft and flavourful, the apricot sauce was creme de la creme.  As for the salmon, you would think that snap frozen and reheating means the salmon would be a little off, but I was proven wrong, obviously. How Fitness Ration did it is beyond me but the salmon was cooked to perfection – soft, flaky, and pink! My overall meal I’d say was sweet and fragrant. I like that they wrote down all the information that is going into your body. It makes people like me aware. It did fill me up and got me going for the whole afternoon..  then again, it is A lunch time meal. ”


Bear in mind that Fitness Ration is not a diet program. Their meals are healthy convenience food designed to give consumers proper sustained energy and/or simply better meal option in one’s day.

Attracted by the convenience and creative menu offered by Fitness Ration? Order from them today. Or maybe you would like to get to know more about the team of geniuses behind it all and their satisfied customers, Facebook and Instagram are available for convenient stalking.

As Fitness Ration would have it, smart food makes sharp minds and steady bodies!        

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