The Healthy Lunchbox Test: AMGD

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Healthy eating is something one should take seriously for the care of his/her individual bodies. However, it can be time consuming for those who are always on the go. The team at HypeQuiva realizes that healthy lunchbox delivery is slowly gaining attention in Singapore. With several companies to choose from, HypeQuiva wishes to share with our readers about the best ones in town.

In this HypeQuiva Goes Healthy series, we have collaborated with 4 companies – AMGD, Fitness Ration, Fit Three, and Grain, together with 4 individual personalities – The Herbivore, The Little Miss Blackhole Stomach, The Busy Bee, & The Instagrammer –  that best represented majority of the Singaporeans and their lifestyle.

Just who is AMGD?

You may have seen them on local television advertisement or on your Facebook ads, AMGD – short for AHHMAHGAWD is as quirky as it can get. With menus named “I miss you”,  “<3 Forever”, and “Raining Kisses”, one might think that the menu creator has a serious case of being melodramatic. No, it is their intelligent way of using common slang.

However, as they aim to make it clear, AMGD is not a food company. It aims to be a food tech company that helps customers buy time and convenience. They do not only serve to a specific group of people, rather, they welcome all ages who want to eat delicious healthy food. No reheating required, your meals are delivered straight to you, fresh.


Their ever-expanding menu range are: Noon series, Noon C Carbs, C Carb series, Intense Series, Mini Series, Waffie Series, Wraplets Series, and Loyalty Series. If you’re too spoiled for choices and want them to be narrowed down, you have the “Personas” where you get to pick according their recommendations based on your lifestyle.


With a simple click, you will have the option of several AMGD passes that suit to your needs – Alacarte, Joy, Overjoyed, Thrill and Blissful. The quantity varies from the pass you picked and the cost per meal is inclusive of delivery. The cost per meal varies on the pass you purchase. You get to pick your timings and delivery dates, even change your delivery locations any day as your AMGD pass follows you island-wide. Bear in mind that delivery cut-off time is at 12pm, day before intended delivery.

How does AMGD fall into place with the lifestyle of the 4 personalities?

T H E  H E R B I V O R E 


This health-conscious vegetarian is an absolute health nut. Vegetarians refrain from ingesting by-products of slaughter. Thus, the food options available are not limited, albeit narrowed down. The Herbivore’s diet is derived from plants – which is why focusing on food that gives maximum amount of energy is a must. Tied to a desk-bound job, The Herbivore is lightly active, aside from the daily morning meditation and occasional run.  A free spirit who focuses on positive vibes, and who is also open to try new things – as long as it meets the dietary requirements.

Pancakes (wholemeal Flour and almond meal), Mixed Greens, Strawberries, Dragon Fruit, Apricots, & Maple Syrup with Strawberry Jam Dressing.

“ I was excited to try this pancake meal seeing it is a mix of fruits and greens. Furthermore, it was something new to me as I have never seen other health companies do it. For the meal, I will recommend to include sources of protein like nuts or seeds to make the meal more balanced however, it was delicious and was bursting with different flavours. Sadly, as any other pancakes, it was not as filing, and I was craving for something savoury after. It’s definitely good for a healthy hearty breakfast but for lunch, not so much.  ”

T H E  L I T T L E  M I S S
B L A C K H O L E  S T O M A C H


This chicken lover loves to consume everything but egg yolk & vanilla. Her lifestyle involves being the ultimate couch potato – lying on the bed catching up on the latest television series whilst snacking on anything she can get her hands on. The closest to working out or being physically active is stretching just as she wakes up from her slumber. She is not keen on knowing what goes into her body, just as long as it is appealing to her taste buds. Despite all the munching, she manages to stay skinny. She wonders how she got so lucky but wishes to stop snacking, eventually.

Meal: Triple Fix
Cajun Chicken, Boiled Quinoa, Diced Carrots, Sweet Corn, Grapes, Strawberries, Coriander leaves, Diced cucumbers, Baked Smoked Salmon, & Honey Almond Dressing.

“ Ahhmahgawd!! The dressing mixed with quinoa was really delectable and the vegetables gave additional crunch. The honey baked almonds and smoked salmon made the bowl even more hearty. I definitely had generous serving of chicken and I absolutely love the idea of having fruits mixed in it. It’s feels like it clears up your palette after a savory meal. Like a refresher because the juice sorts of freshen up?? I got excited when the food was delivered because even from the outside it looked colourful. I guess it’s true, colours excite your palette. Surprise surprise, I felt full and energized after the meal, which seems like I was the only one. I didn’t even think to touch any of my snacks! I suppose it depends on the type of meal you order. ”

T H E  B U S Y  B E E


This Busy Bee’s planner is always up to date filled with parties, events, and current happenings. She is an intuitive eater who finds eating to be a chore, hence eats only when the stomach grumbles – to get the hunger out of her already packed schedule. In her attempt to refrain from consuming unhealthy food, including rice, The Busy Bee secretly snacks before bedtime. She trusts that the food she had in the day met the dietary requirements and considers running in heels to get to an appointment on time a form of workout.

Meal: Triple Fix
Grilled Salmon with Mixed Greens, Apples, Purples Cabbages, Cherry Tomatoes, Lemon, Almond Flakes, & Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing.

“ We had  filming in the morning, and by the time I arrived in the office in the afternoon, I was definitely drained out. Thank god AMGD had been delivered early. Salmon is my favourite so I’m really particular on how it is cooked. Fortunately, AMGD did not disappoint. The salmon was lightly flakey, with tender layers which were soft and cooked to perfection. The almond flakes together with the apple slices were an added crunch. I’m not a fan of Balsamic Vinaigrette, but that was my mistake. I overlooked on their efficiency in listing all the ingredients on their website.

Unfortunately, the meal did not last me throughout my day. I found myself snacking on cup noodle at 5 in the evening. To be fair, I did not have breakfast and had left their abundant of mixed greens out. It was an overall fun meal. ”

T H E  I N S T A G R A M M E R


Like your typical Asian, The Instagrammer loves taking photos of food before eating. Food mantra: A plate full of colors heightens the taste sensation. Although not a picky eater, the plate has to be full of colors and visually appealing. However, The Instagrammer takes health into serious consideration – eating according to the recommended dietary requirements and being physically active — working out at least three times a week (both light and heavy).

Meal: PUMP
Prawns, Mixed Greens, Asparagus, Purple Cabbages, Green & Red Capsicum Slices, Tomatoes, Sesame Seeds, & Orange Marmalade Dressing.

“ A myriad of colours, check.  Heightened appetite? Check. One for the ‘gram? Check. I can’t begin to explain how much I enjoyed eating AMGD’s meals. With so much colours and flavors, it is a little weird that they are healthy. Their sauce is delicious and sweetish, prawns are unbelievably fresh. There were a lot of different colourful vegetables that taste delicious with the sauce. Orange marmalade dressing, who would have thought? I was as pumped as the name of my meal suggests after eating them!

However, it was not that filling to last me through the day, perhaps it was my choice of meal. They are informative on telling the ingredients in the meal but I wish I knew the calorie count and all that jazz that is entering in my body. I would say it was a box of adventurous lunch. I would order from AMGD again just to try out other of the ever-expanding menu. ”

Do their colours and quirk excite you? Order from AMGD today. Or maybe you would like to learn more about their quirkiness and the people who have had a fun meal too, then their Facebook and Instagram are available for convenient stalking.

AMGD is opening it’s first international branch and are giving away a few prizes, including a return trip to Hong Kong. Sounds exciting?! Contest is eligible for all AMGD pass holders. Increase you chance and double the points with Blissful pass. Promotion ends 28 January 2017 and results will be announced on 31st January 2017. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some fun meal and increase your chances today!

As AMGD would have it, Delicious, Healthy, and Happiness delivered to you in a box!

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