How You Can Spend Under $25 In Town When You’re On Budget

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So there are times where we are scrimping and saving for something that we really want or we are just simply broke. And it’s when you’re broke that plans start to happen, so what do you do? Where are you going to get all the money to splurge in 4 to 5 hours in town? Don’t worry, we have came up with solutions that will not suck your dry!

The food basements in most shopping malls in town are a gem and although we see lots of people there during peak hours, we realise very often they are working adults and we hardly see anyone younger queuing there unless it’s for llaollao or Chirchir or Sushi Express and other pricier restaurants. The takeaway stores are definitely pocket-friendly and you could get a meal in less than $10!

We went for a trip and put our $25 to the test; here’s what we spent our money on:

Deya Qing
Kushi Kushi Bento Set C $6.50 RS Indonesia Set 1 + Veg $6.50
Koi Green Tea Macchiato $2.80 Pokka Green Tea $1.60
Ice Kachang $2 Ice Kachang $2
Movie Ticket $8 (Mastercard Discount) Movie Ticket $7 (Student)
Total: $19.30 Total: $17.10

1. Riverside Indonesian BBQ



This Ayam Panggang (grilled chicken) set cost only $5.50 and the serving is really generous. The rice is so soft you don’t even have to bite on it much, it literally melts in your mouth and the thick coconut curry gravy that’s poured over makes it extra fragrant. The chicken is fried, then heavily coated in the sweet black sauce afterwards. The meat comes off so easily, it’s super tender and don’t worry, the sauce is not that sweet. You can also choose to add vegetable at $1 and even that was a generous serving. With drinks on the side, it’s only $6.80.

#B3-44, 313@Somerset, 238895
Operating hours: 10am – 10pm daily

2. Deen Express

If the drinks that come with the sets do not appeal to you, just head over to Dean Express Mini Mart (near Yoshinoya). You get typical drinks like Pokka, Coke, Dasani etc for around $1-$2. We got our Pokka Jasmine Green Tea for $1.60 to go with the Ayam Panggang!

#B3-18, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Operating hours: Sun to Thu 10am – 10pm | Fri to Sat 10am – 11pm

3. KUSHI KUSHI Japanese Kushiyaki



Can we ever deny yakitori one of the most convenient and straightforward meal places ever? This Kushi Kushi Set C Bento cost us $6.50 and it comes with chicken thighs, chicken meatballs, chicken with green peppers and chicken with leeks. The meat was flavourful and we love the addition of the vege (some places don’t serve it with vegetables) which gives the entire meal an extra crunch. Rice was drizzled in a good amount of yakitori sauce and nori; it didn’t make the rice too soggy or too dry. The idea of powdered nori is also super smart so that it doesn’t get stuck in our teeth when we eat. There were few other bentos but we felt that Set C was more worth our money.

#B3-45, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Operating hours: 11am – 10pm daily

4. Koi Express

Here’s another option for you! Besides Deen Express, you can also consider Koi although it may be slightly more pricey. But hey, you can get a good Green Tea Macchiato at just $2.80(M). We didn’t add pearls though, save your stomach for the dessert after that!

#B3-51, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Operating hours: 1030am – 1030pm

5. Wow Tako

If you didn’t already know, Wow Tako has set meals too! We didn’t know until we take a closer look. Their set meals includes omu rice or noodles with drinks or tako balls. The cheapest is priced at $6.80 with a basic omurice/noodles and a cup of drink and $7.20 for omurice/noodles with 2 tako balls!

#B3-47, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Operating hours: 10am – 10pm

6. Umi Sushi


An affordable substitute for Itacho and Sakae Sushi; Umi Sushi has many set meals to choose from and even combos! However, it’s inevitable that their food would be a little more costly because of their ingredients but we aren’t complaining, they are still cheaper than Japanese restaurants. The donburi, ramen sets and bentos ranges from $6.50 to $9.90 which we found reasonable. You can add $2 to your meal for a drink and a side dish too!

7. Pezzo

We know how huge and thick the pizzas are at Pezzo and that’s what makes us love them! For a slice, it cost $4.50-$4.90 depending on which series you choose from with the Gala series on the pricier side. This is good for people with small appetites and just want to settle for something fuss-free. If you have a party of 3 or more, you can always go for 3 pizzas at $12.90 or 6 at $24.90. Split the bill and it will cost less than 10 bucks per person!

#B3-48A, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Operating hours: 10am – 10pm

8. Kopitiam/Food Courts


I mean, do we even need reasons? These are obviously the best places to get really cheap and good food but since we’re in town, even food courts are slightly more expensive than usual. And that is why, we suggest Koufu at Cineleisure. It’s huge and spacious and also definitely one of the cheaper food courts in town.

#B1-01, Cineleisure, Singapore 239693
Operating hours: 745am – 10pm

9. Modanyaki



This omelette noodles is certainly a must-try! It has a really reasonable serving and guess what? Not even $5 and even the most expensive one is just $5.50. Noodles are cooked on a hot plate and wrapped inside an omelette then drizzled with lots of mayo and teriyaki sauce over. Our favourite Modanyaki would be the one with cheese and egg ($4.50) because it is so creamy and satisfying. You wouldn’t feel cheated at all because yes, we are not lying, the portion of the noodles are good, you could even share if you find it too much (which means you’re saving even more)!

391 Orchard Road, B2 Takashimaya Food Hall, Singapore 238873
Operating hours: 1030am – 930pm

10. Teppei Syokudo



There are tons of katsus here at the Takashimaya outlet. You can eat it on it’s own or even eat as a side dish! They are really filling and are served piping hot, not left there to shrivel in the cold air after it’s fried. For a katsu of that size at only $2-$4, you judge for yourself whether it’s good or not. Plus, the katsus taste really good. Don’t say we bojio but there’s mentaiko tamagoyaki there. #takemymoney

391 Orchard Road, B2 Takashimaya Food Hall, Singapore 238873
Operating hours: 10am – 930pm 

11. Ice Kachang


Forget $6 ice cream cones and $15 bingsoos; these local favourite hits straight home. Taste good, very affordable and extremely accessible, I mean you can find this almost anywhere as long as there are food courts/kopitiam. Do we even need anymore explanation why you should get ice kachang instead of overpriced shaved ice?

12. Yami Yoghurt



What’s llaollao when you have Yami Yoghurt? Seriously, this is way cheaper and they have so many more toppings. Plus they have different froyo flavours. A small cup starts at $2.30, almost half of what llaollao is offering for the same size! Yami Yoghurt is also the only yoghurt takeaway that has a froyo banana boat ($5.90) with banana halved, with pumps of yoghurt and two toppings of your choice. Sounds so yami!!

14. Cathay


This really depends on when you visit the cinema. We caught a movie on a weekday afternoon so the ticket prices were cheaper. You can choose to order a few dishes that comes in larger servings like Teppei Syokudo, Riverside Indonesian, Modanyaki and share the costs of the food and maybe still have enough to get movie tickets at the weekend pricing. It’s really how you find the hacks and work around your finances!

15. Exploring New Places

You may think you know your places well, but do you really? Skip those shopping malls and just go for a walk. Explore Fort Canning Park or go to a place where you have never thoroughly walked about before. Usually, its experiences like this that allow us to chance upon things we didn’t know!

We hope with this article, we will help you make full use of what you have and also, save money!

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