How Much Do We Really Know About The New First Lady?

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After Donald Trump’s victory last week, Americans have been trying to adjust themselves to the idea of Trump as their President. Some have started to plan to move to other countries while others are trying to find a sliver of hope in what they believe to be truly dark times.

Melania Trump came into the limelight and received a lot of negative publicity after a video went viral of her speech, where she had allegedly plagiarised lines from one of Michelle Obama’s earlier speeches. During Barack Obama’s term, Michelle Obama had served as the First Lady and took up issues she believed in, and fought for justice and fairness. The whole world is witness to her elegance and compassion. However, along with adjusting to Donald Trump as President, America will also need to adjust to Melania Trump being First Lady.

Here are some things you may not have known about the new First Lady:

1. She is 24 years younger than her husband.


2. She was born in Slovenia.


3. Her real name is Melanija Knavs.


4. There have been speculations about her stay in US and whether she was ever in America illegally.


5. She got her green card in 2001 and finally obtained her citizenship five years later.


6. She has been modelling since she was 16 years old.


7. She met Trump when she was 28 at a party in Manhattan.


8. Trump and Melania tied the knot in January 2005 in a super expensive wedding where the engagement ring itself cost $2 million!


9. She gave birth to Barron William Trump in 2006. She is also the stepmother of Trump’s children from his previous wives.


10. She has a jewellery business and sells her products on QVC.


11. She believes in the benefits of a healthy and natural lifestyle and claims to not use Botox or anything unnatural to change the way she looks.


12. She said “(she) would be very traditional like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy” if she were ever to be the First Lady.


13. She has supported her husband through thick and thin.

14. She loves fashion and her favourite spots to hang out at are in Italy and Paris.


15. US political commentator Stephen Fisher told the Mirror: “Melania would make an exceptional First Lady.”

Let’s see what 2017 as in store for us.


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