Here’s Why You Should Adopt SAF Retired Dogs

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military dog

Serving Singapore is not only the man of our countries, but also the military dogs. If I must say, we owe more to them than any of the NS men out there, both the NSF and sign-ons. Let’s be honest, they’ve worked longer (and devoted their whole life) than most of them.

Nine-year-olds labrador retriever Diesel and german shepherd Meky are trained sniffer dogs waiting to retire. Along with other 16 military dogs, they’re seeking for a loving home to retire in.

Are you a huge animal/ dog-lover? Have you been considering getting a dog for a long time now? Here is why you should go ahead and adopt one of these military-trained furry ones.

1. They are extremely loyal.


Lance Cpl Koh said: “Diesel will always look out for me. Whenever there’s another dog walking by, he’ll stick closer to me because he’s trying to protect me.”

Being in the military, they are accustomed to being protective towards their owners. Loyalty is what they have grown up learning to be, so you’re sure to receive all their love.

2. They have already undergone basic obedience training.


Instead of getting a new puppy, which mostly derive from irresponsible breeders (I absolutely discourage this), and going through the hassle of teaching them the little tricks, why not adopt one that have already learnt them?

Having already undergone basic obedience training means that they have learnt the basic commands like come, sit, stay, heel and down. No more worries even if you’re the busiest person alive.

3. They have a lifespan of 16 years.


If age is the thing you’re worried about, fret not. You’re not buying a “dying dog”. These military dog breeds generally live up to 16 years, which means there are still so many great memories you could create together with them.

How can you adopt?

An appointment to interact with the dogs and a house visit to assess your living conditions is necessary before the adoption can be approved.

If you’re unable to adopt one this year, you can always come back again, as this is an ongoing adoption drive, with newly retired dogs added throughout the year.

Tel: 6424 6623
Time: 8am – 5pm

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