Game of Thrones: Are Old Characters Returning?

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All of us are stoked for the next season of Game of Thrones and we get overexcited at every piece of news regarding it, whether big or small. Recently, there have been some rumours that old characters will be returning as the actors are spotted at where the filming is taking place.

Actor Joe Dempsie was reportedly seen at Belfast City Airport. Taking on Gendry’s role in the series, this could be a huge sign that Gendry is returning onto the screen. His last scene was in season 3 and back then, he was a major character. 

Just a quick recap. In season 1, Gendry was introduced as a blacksmith. He chanced upon Arya Stark while she was wandering in King’s Landing. They travelled together and shortly after, the Brotherhood without Banners discovered him and handed him over to Melissandre in Season 3.

Melissandre then revealed his lineage; that he was actually Robert Baratheon’s unacknowledged illegitimate son (aka bastard). Gendry was locked away in a cell in Dragonstone and was freed by Ser Davos thereafter. The very last scene of Gendry was him rowing away into the unknown in a boat.


What’s in store for us now that Gendry is coming back? He is the one and only true heir to the Iron Throne and with Cersei Lannister’s children all dead, what is she going to do to eliminate him? But as we all know how Cersei is, she’s probably just going to kill him and wipe his existence off the surface of her planet. The question is: Will Gendry fight her and claim the throne?

Well, Dempsie has certainly made it clear that Gendry is still alive with his tweet (even though it’s dated 2014). For all we know he could be rowing back to Westeros! 

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