The Healthy Lunchbox Test: FitThree

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Healthy eating is something one should take seriously for the care of his/her individual bodies. However, it can be time consuming for those who are always on the go. The team at HypeQuiva realizes that healthy lunchbox delivery is slowly gaining attention in Singapore. With several companies to choose from, HypeQuiva wishes to share with our readers about the best ones in town.

In this HypeQuiva Goes Healthy series, we have collaborated with 4 companies – FitThree, AMGD, Fitness Ration, and Grain, together with 4 individual personalities – The Herbivore, The Little Miss Blackhole Stomach, The Busy Bee, & The Instagrammer –  that best represented majority of the Singaporeans and their lifestyle.

Who is FitThree?

FitThree is not your typical lunchbox company. You need to fuel your body with the right nutrients to reach your goal and they want to be responsible for supplying your body with quality food. They are focused on building a community that is centered on living a healthy lifestyle and also actively acting on it or in Paul Foster’s word; when you train hard, you have to eat well.

Yes, FitThree is designed for the gym rats, the bodybuilders, the marathoners, and the clean eaters. Understandably, taste comes with fat and they are stringent on calories. However,  their meals are original, balanced, and specifically crafted by their chefs alongside Celeste Vivier, FitThree’s very own dietician, so that you meet the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA).


FitThree currently serves both lunch and dinner, and their menu differs weekly. Orders have to be placed by Thursday midnight, the week before you want to receive your meals.



The type of food they currently offer are the Omnitarian and the Low-Carb (in Standard and XL) – where the former is ideal for people with no restrictions in their diet, and the latter has a higher fiber content. Aside from the ingredient list, customers are also able to view the exact number of calories, as well as the percentage of  Protein, Carbs, Fats, and Fibre in each dish, allowing customers to tailor to their specific diet needs.


Cold pressed juices by Daily Juice are available for add-ons to complete your whole healthy meal plan, or to just get you through the daily grind.



FitThree aims to be exclusive to people who are doing their best to stay active, and doesn’t simply cater to working professionals stuck in the office over lunch break. Thus their pick ups are available at selected fitness studios around the island, on Mondays and Thursdays. They do however deliver to small areas such as the CBD, but with additional costs.

Meals are delivered to pick up spots according to the chosen plan. A 3-day plan means your meals will arrive on Monday while a 5-day plan means two deliveries will be made – on Monday and on Thursday.


It’s a given, most people don’t visit gyms every day. Although FitThree hopes to fill up the need to find a proper meal after a session at the gym, it is illogical to cater only to days when people do go to the gym. The streamlined meal plans and deliveries have been put in place for the convenience of both parties.

How are FitThree’s meals kept fresh you might ask? Once the food is cooked, it is kept above freezing point (0 to 5°C) to retain its food quality. Reducing the temperature of the food to prevent it from drying out results into an extended shelf life by three days. Customers are to refrigerate their meals upon collection and pop it into the microwave before consumption.


As for payment, it is done via credit card. If you are weary about keying in your credit card details online, fret not as they are securely processed through Braintree, and FitThree does not store any of the sensitive details on their servers.

With all that in mind, just how are FitThree’s meals beneficial to our 4 personalities who are not as active as the community they have built?


T H E  H E R B I V O R E


This health-conscious vegetarian is an absolute health nut. Vegetarians refrain from ingesting by-products of slaughter. Thus, the food options available are not limited, albeit narrowed down. The Herbivore’s diet is derived from plants – which is why focusing on food that gives maximum amount of energy is a must. Tied to a desk-bound job, The Herbivore is lightly active, aside from the daily morning meditation and occasional run.  A free spirit who focuses on positive vibes, and who is also open to try new things – as long as it meets the dietary requirements.

Meal: Braised Tofu in Chu Sauce with Green Beans, Thyme Mushrooms and Brown Rice (Standard size)

“ As a vegetarian, having to get and substitute the best nutrition in the meals that I consume can be a challenge sometimes. I had Fit Three’s meal during lunchtime. It was a classic Chinese tasting dish with the right portion of carbohydrates, protein and fats – just what I need. It had a fun variety to it, something I’m surprised with as most of the options for vegetarians can be limited. It was not an in-your-face box of greens, rather a mixture of crunchy and soft food, which was in my opinion flavourful. I definitely did not have any troubles chewing them down.

I am not at all active but it gave me a lot of energy to work that day. I worked better after lunchtime with full concentration.  I for sure did not have to worry about the nutritions I put in my body as I placed my trust in them. I would get Fit Three again because they do all the thinking for me! ”


T H E  L I T T L E  M I S S
B L A C K H O L E  S T O M A C H


This chicken lover loves to consume everything but egg yolk & vanilla. Her lifestyle involves being the ultimate couch potato – lying on the bed catching up on the latest television series whilst snacking on anything she can get her hands on. The closest to working out or being physically active is stretching just as she wakes up from her slumber. She is not keen on knowing what goes into her body, just as long as it is appealing to her taste buds. Despite all the munching, she manages to stay skinny. She wonders how she got so lucky but wishes to stop snacking, eventually.

Meal: Beef Curry, Lady’s Finger and Quinoa (Standard size)

Protein 51g  Carbs 56g  Fat 17g  Fibre 10g  

“ Do not be fooled by the smaller portion as compared to the other meals that I’ve had. I had them right after delivery, which was at around 11am, and boy are they filling! I loved the curry and thought that the flavors go well together. I just wish there were more curry added to my box but then again, that will be added calories. Their meals are specifically designed and I suppose they have their reasons why they are that way.

This meal has a cleansing effect. I’m assuming that’s because the fibre helps getting rid of all the unnecessary junk in my body. I had only a snack throughout the day, although that’s habit. The meal definitely lasted me for a long time before my next big meal at night. Considering my constant urge to chew, I feel Fit Three has done a major part minimising that. I almost feel bad now for not being as active as Fit Three’s community! ”


T H E  B U S Y  B E E


This Busy Bee’s planner is always up to date filled with parties, events, and current happenings. She is an intuitive eater who finds eating to be a chore, hence eats only when the stomach grumbles – to get the hunger out of her already packed schedule. In her attempt to refrain from consuming unhealthy food, including rice, The Busy Bee secretly snacks before bedtime. She trusts that the food she had in the day met the dietary requirements and considers running in heels to get to an appointment on time a form of workout.

Meal: Chicken Bulgogi with Orange-Scented Bulgur (Standard size)

Protein 50g  Carbs 57g  Fat 10g  Fibre 12g  

“ Oh Fit Three, you’re flavour forward alright! I had them when I finally had the time to eat – which was late in the afternoon, bear in mind that I skipped my breakfast. My meal was refrigerated and I had to reheat them in the microwave for 5 minutes. I had my doubts on the freshness of the meal but was eventually proven wrong on my first bite. I kid you not, the orange-scented bulgur was unbelievable and really generous might I add. I could not stop chewing on the chicken and dried apricots – which were the first cleared off my lunch box. It was standard size but I ultimately got tired of chewing the rest of my meal.

I like the idea of having my meals already prepared and stored in the fridge. It takes the hassle of thinking for food off my mind. Not to sound like I’m promoting them, but I just found out that their meals are designed by both the chef and their dietician.. so you know, the meals you’re consuming from them are pretty legit. I felt pretty heavy after my meal, like I had been refuelled to the maximum to continue my day.”


T H E  I N S T A G R A M M E R


Like your typical Asian, The Instagrammer loves taking photos of food before eating. Food mantra: A plate full of colors heightens the taste sensation. Although not a picky eater, the plate has to be full of colors and visually appealing. However, The Instagrammer takes health into serious consideration – eating according to the recommended dietary requirements and being physically active — working out at least three times a week (both light and heavy).

Meal: Chicken Stir Fry with Ginger and Spring Onion, Green Beans and Thyme Mushrooms(Standard size)

Protein 44g  Carbs 30g  Fat 19g  Fibre 5g  

“ I work out quite often at the gym so I appreciate that there are companies like Fit Three that cater to people like me. Gymgoers no longer have to worry about meals after work out when they order from them. They can even have it straight at the gym!

I’ll be honest, the food wasn’t at all appealing to my eyes. But when you’re in need of some protein after a session at the gym, that doesn’t matter at all! Reheating the food in the microwave was a torture because the smell was so amazing, it whet my appetite. The chicken stir fry that I had had a general stir fry taste but the flavours go well together. With all that reheating, I was actually surprised at my mushrooms that were well cooked. My favourite part of the dish was definitely the sauce for the chicken. With it being towards the end of the week, I was actually so amped up after my meal and felt refreshed to continue the rest of my day. Fit Three, you’re sooo yummy, I want more!  ”


Seeing how our personalities have enjoyed and benefitted from Fit Three’s meals, it’s a given – anybody can benefit from eating healthy meals. Fit Three puts into serious  consideration all the requirements that enters your body and the best part of it all, their ingredients are non-genetically modified. Meaning, 100% Real Ingredients and nothing else.  

Perhaps it’s time to finally start your #cleaneats? Definitely order from Fit Three today. Or maybe you would like to get to know more about them and their community, then their Facebook and Instagram are available for convenient stalking.

As Fit Three would have it, Eat Real Food!

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