Fill Up Your Belly With These 7 Munchies At Punggol Bazaar

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The fasting month is here once again, which also means that many bazaars (also known as pasar malams) are popping up all around Singapore. You can find one next to Punggol MRT Station, opposite the recently opened Waterway Point mall.

It is a smaller bazaar in comparison to others across the country, so there is a limited food selection, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less tasty! Here is a list of must-try eats at the Punggol bazaar.

1. CTE Roll Yoghurt Fried Ice Cream

Popularised by the ice cream roll from Gelang Serai, Fried ice cream rolls ($5.00) can be found everywhere now. Get rid of the guilt factor this Ramadhan with the yoghurt version at Punggol bazaar. Bite (or lick!) into the taste of sweet-sour frozen yoghurt for a quick cool-off in this humid weather.

2. Cendol Geylang Serai

Cendol Geylang Serai has operated over the years in bazaars in Geylang, Tampines, and Woodlands, to name a few. This year, they’ve opened an outlet in Punggol for the first time.

The cendol drink ($2.50) here comprises of the classic combination of coconut milk, gula melaka (palm sugar), and the light jelly noodles made of rice flour. The taste is rich and refreshing, but might be too sweet for some. However, it seems to be one of the more popular items within the bazaar, if the long queues are any indication.

3. Massive Wrap Grill Bar

The wraps sold here come with a twist; there is a fried egg inside it, and more interesting sauces, such as rendang, sambal, garlic, and cheesy cheese to choose from. It comes in two sizes ($4.00 for “massive” or $5.00 for “super massive”), with either beef or chicken. The serving is generous and the meat isn’t dry, which makes it considerably tastier than the usual kebab that has become a fixture in bazaars for years.

4. Mr Q Fried Oreos

Who doesn’t love oreos? Mr Q Snacks has regularly offered fried oreos at bazaars. It started off with the classic oreos ($3.50), but now there are more flavour additions to their menu like Red Velvet ($4.00) and Black Force ($4.00). Each bowl comes with five fried oreo fritters.

The cookies are coated in batter, deep fried, and dusted with icing sugar or cinnamon. The batter gives a bit of crispiness, but it is soft on the inside when bitten into as the oreos lose their crunch. Still, it’s a nice treat to enjoy even if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

5. Oppa Korean Fried Chicken

Everyone loves popcorn chicken, so what if I’m telling you that there’s a Korean bite-sized chicken here at Punggol Bazaar? Have some easy bites from Oppa Korean Fried Chicken ($5.00 for a pack, $7.00 with fries) while you continue your exploration of the bazaar. Have your pick with the four flavours – Korean sweet & spicy, honey butter, salted egg yolk, and Parmesan cheese.

6. Fiery Benjo Burger

The Fiery Benjo Burger is pretty similar to the well-known Ramly Burger, except that the egg comes in the form of sunny side-up, instead of an omelette wrapped around the patty.

With single patty ($3.50) and double patty ($4.50), pick between beef and burger, with a small selection sauce, ranging from black pepper, sambal, rendang, and mushroom.

7. Mighty Burger

Guaranteed the most eye-catching burger stall that draws curious individuals, Mighty burger offers crispy chicken ($4.00 for ala carte, $6.00 for combo set) and soft shell crab ($6.00 for ala carte, $8.00 for combo set).

The crab burger carries the flavours of a burger, with the addition of the fresh sea salt juice when you bite into it. However, it is advisable to bring this item home, as it can get a tad messy with the shells.

Have your pick with the hip and interesting sauces, including salted egg yolk, chilli crab, sambal chilli, and truffle mayo.

Directions: Beside Punggol MRT (Exit A), opposite of Waterway Point.