F.I.V.E: Ways To Improve Your Memory

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We all forget things at some point of our lives and we curse ourselves for it. I bet you’ve even gone in a room looking for something and then forgetting what you were looking for and remembering it a few minutes later when you’re out. Or maybe it’s hard for you to remember new information in classes and lectures. Well, I have that problem too so I did a bit of research and found F.I.V.E ways to improve your memory. 

1. Test yourself


Testing yourself with new information given is proven by researchers to be a better way of remembering. Rather than repeating it over and over again in your head, testing yourself with the new knowledge helps you to remember in the long run. 

2. Catch Some Zs


Sleep is proven beneficial in retaining memories. Research shows that having a nap between 45-60mins after learning, aids in the brain’s process in memory. Also, there is better information consolidation processed by the brain during sleep.

3. Chew Some Gum


Okay well since Singapore doesn’t allow gum then suck on some sweets. In a test by some researchers, people who chew on gum fared better in memorizing information than people who do not. Although it is still not known why or how it leads to better memory, it doesn’t hurt to try right?

4. QUOFFEE (Coffee)


Caffeine is proven to help in boosting one’s memory in the long term. One study shows that people who consumed caffeine after studying fared better in tests 24 hours later as compared to people who skip their caffeine dose. But if you don’t drink  coffee, there’s always the tea alternative. 

5. Be A Regular


This is one trick that our teachers and parents always tell us to do in school. Studying regularly is important as our brain retains information based on what is repeated. Breaking down information into small parts and then learning it regularly is one of the easiest ways to improve memory retainment of information. Although it is not the fastest way to remember something, it certainly is one of the easiest way to do it. 

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