F.I.V.E: Ways To Boost Your Midday Energy

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Five Boost

I’m pretty sure that at around 3pm in the afternoon everyone feels exhausted already. It doesn’t matter if you’re in school or at work, you’ll feel the fatigue wearing you down. The worst is actually the three o’clock lectures. You’ll never get anything in your head. Well here at HypeQuiva, we’ve some tips to boost your afternoon energy to finish the day.

Have A Cuppa


Having a cup of tea or coffee gives you the caffeine boost that you need. It is the easiest solution to gain that extra energy that you need. For added kick, ask for Kopi O Gao, I can confirm you’ll stay awake for the rest of the day.

Catch 30 Winks


If you have the time and space for it, take a quick power nap. The ideal napping time is a quick 10-20 minutes of sleep whereby after that you’ll feel better and more alert than before according to experts.

Take A Stroll


Walking around helps to beat the lethargy in your body. The extra sunshine taken in also helps to clear your mind, keep you relaxed for the rest of the day and makes you feel refreshed. So take a break and go have a short walk anywhere.

Munch, munch, munch


While snacking helps to break the stress momentum away from your mind, it also gives you the extra fuel for you to go all the way. Snacks that contain low carb and burns slow are the best option as it keeps you alert longer. Nuts are also good as they contain magnesium and folic acid that helps in energy and cell production. If all else fails just grab anything you can see.

Rock It Out


Singing or humming to songs can help you to keep awake as it releases tension and stress. However please remember that if your voice is similar to the frog’s croak then it is best to keep your singing to yourself.

What other things do you do to keep yourselves awake? Let me know!


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