F.I.V.E: Types Of People Under Stress

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As a Singaporean, our daily obligations include being in a lot of stress whether we are in school or at work. The period that we are stressed out, we see different types of people trying to manage it. Some handle it like a true professional while others breakdown and cry like its the end of the world. I’ve seen pretty much most types of people put under stress and it always baffles me when I see a new type. I might be the stress guru. While it’ll take forever to list all the types out, here are F.I.V.E types of people under stress

1. The Professional Stress Handler


He/she is the one who handles stress very very well. He is calm under pressure and often thrive on it. No stress means no kick. So often he’ll finish his job fast and helps people around him too. Quite helpful but others around him may not like it because he’s the reason why they’ll get more work piled on by the boss.

2. The Emotional Wreck


He/she will cry over the slightest of things while under stress. Give a bit more work and the next thing you know they’ll be grabbing the tissue box ready to explode with tears. Either that or they’ll head to the toilet where they’ll cry in comfort discreetly.

3. The Whiner


Nicknamed Amy Whinehouse by their colleagues, the whiners will whine and whine and complain about the amount of things that they have to complete. Even when there seem to not be a lot of things to be done, they’ll find things to complain about. Noisyyyyyy. 

4. The Smiling Demon


In his head, the smiling demon is actually cursing and cursing on the amount of work that needs to be done by the end of the week. However, his outer appearance seems calm and serene. He’ll actually smile and thank people for piling on more work on his plate. He says thank you but actually really meant f*** you. : )

5. The Soldier


The soldier understands that it is part and parcel of the job and he’ll carry on working. Like a true soldier, he’ll move on forward despite the difficulties and usually also help out people around him because he knows that being a soldier means not leaving anyone behind. Sometimes he’ll curse and cry but then he wipes away his tears at the end of the day to get the job done. Usually works with The Professional Handler but not really chiong sua.

We Singaporeans understand that the country’s biggest resource is the efforts of the citizens. We understand that our jobs are at stake everyday and we can be replaced by foreign talents at any time at a lower cost. Therefore we know that despite all the stress, we need to finish our job no matter how we handle stress. These are only F.I.V.E. types. Tell me any more that you know of in the comments section! Also which one is you?! 

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