F.I.V.E: Types Of People In All Whatsapp Groups

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I’m sure by now everyone in Singapore has at least one whatsapp group that they are in. Well I…have 5 active ones and a few other non-active ones and in all these groups there are different types of people who react differently online. Well after extensive research I have come up with 5 types of people that I see in all my whatsapp groups.

The Silent One


They are the ones who are quiet in the group but read everything. They pop up once in a while to say hello but then that is it. However there are also some of them there just for the sake of it and may not appear at all.

The Noisy one


The noisy ones are usually there all the time. They are the plan goers and are active at all times of the day. They may keep quiet for a few hours but will usually keep the conversation going. Don’t be surprised if you wake up to 300+ messages in the morning!

The Selfie Master


The selfies master may or may not be good in his/her job but they are always taking one selfie after another. It doesn’t matter if it’s too dark or the selfie is inappropriate, they will always provide one; even when the rest of the group doesn’t want them.

The Google/Encyclopedia


The Mr/Ms-know-it-all. What’s the latest movie out? The price of a pair of sneakers? The name of Prince Harry’s future child? The fastest way to Jurong from Pulau Ubin? Total weight of the world on Obama’s shoulders?! Ask Mr/Ms-know-it-all. He/she has the answers to everything. Troof.

The Planner


The planner is usually one of the noisy ones. They’ll come up with plans for dinner, supper, and random activities. Distance isn’t a matter to them. They’ll travel to meet friends and will even send them back home if they have the means for it. Even though some plans are totally unnecessary, like meeting for three days in a row, they are the glue of the group.

Are there any other types of people that I missed out? Let me know!

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