F.I.V.E: Types Of Bad Drivers You See On The Roads

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At this age, I’m sure plenty of people nowadays use the roads often. It doesn’t matter if you drive or use the cab/public busses often, you’ll usually see at least one errant driver per day. Some of them need to go back to the driving centres to relearn how to drive. Others…just need to get their license revoked. I’ve thought through F.I.V.E. types of people I usually see, hate on the road and have actually been silently cursing them all my life. So here are my F.I.V.E.  

Road Hoggers


The type of driver who is exceptionally careful on the road. They’ll keep to the speed limits or well should I say usually 20-30km/h below the speed limit. They’re one of the main reasons why we frequently have traffic jams during peak hours and they’re not even sorry for it!

Speed Demons


The type who thinks that road is Sepang International Circuit. They are the ones usually racing and speeding down the highway, thinking that they’re Vettel or Alonso or Hamilton, oblivious to the fact that it’s CTE and not SGP. Very dangerous for our expensive roads and a major road hazard.

Truck Racers


What’s worse than speeding cars? Speeding trucks, of course. Yeah I know that they earn on the number of trips they make per day but someone should tell them that it’s not worth the extra speed if it’s dangering the lives of motorists and even pedestrians. 

Phone Users


Well I admit that I too check my phone on the road. However, I do it when the car is stationary and not moving and cruising down the road. Some people are so stubborn that they continue to use their phones en route to their destinations. Don’t get me wrong. It’s ok(well not really) if it’s via bluetooth but when the car is moving, just concentrate on the road. It’s better to have a miss call than to miss dinner for the rest of your life!

BMW Owners

Source (Sorry not sorry)

For one reason or another, it seems that BMW car owners are one of the worst drivers in the world. They often treat the road like it’s their father’s, not signalling or abruptly changing lanes, and have bad manners! Our in-house designer almost got knocked down a few weeks back because of an errant BMW owner! Luckily, she had fast reflexes. BMW need to sort out their customers for real. 

I know there’re a lot more types of people who shouldn’t be using the roads but these are the top F.I.V.E. in the category. What do ya’ll think? Lemme know!


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