F.I.V.E: Things You’ll Understand If You’re A Cat Owner

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I remember once I babysat two of my friend’s kittens and I just knew there and then that a cat lady was what I really wanted to be in life. For those who own at least one cat, here are a few things you can strangely relate to.

1. Fur. Everywhere.


Whenever you are out with friends, they will spend the whole time trying to pick fur off your clothes. Yeah. Been there.


2. Thumping through the night.


Why do cats think it’s completely acceptable to run from one corner of your room to the next when you’re asleep? We will never know but it gives us the creeps.


3. What is space?


Admit it. We love it when our little fur baby crawls into bed with us. It makes us feel special that out of everyone in the family, it chose to snuggle up next to you. But that’s not always a good thing considering how they always take up more than half of your bed when they sleep or when you’re busy trying to complete your assignments and they decide to sit on your keyboard.

4. Unbreakable



Most, if not everything in your house is made out of plastic or something that doesn’t break easily. You’ve learnt your lesson after the 65th time your cat decided to knock that very expensive vase over.

5. Sleeping beauties


That’s seriously all that they do. Out of the 24 hours in a day, your cat would most probably be asleep for 23.5 hours of the day. The other remaining half an hour is for them to stare into space while planning what to break next.

Even though cats seem like more work than fun, sometimes they can be pretty damn cute too and that’s why one is never enough.

What problems do you face as a cat owner? Leave us a comment!

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