F.I.V.E: Must Have Plants That’ll Make Your Lunar New Year Prosperous

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Chinese New Year signifies the start of the spring season and the Chinese will celebrate the beginning of this festive season by decorating their homes or office with auspicious plants. Here are five different types of plant you may consider buying.

1. The hand of wealth


Buddha’s hand is an oddly shaped fruit segmented into finger-like sections. Resembling a human (or Buddha) hand that signifies prosperity & longevity.

2. A clover isn’t the only one that is lucky


Lucky bamboo clearly has a reason why it’s called lucky. It grows in a container with auspicious words or red ribbons on them. The amount of luck is associated with the number of stalks and the arrangement: Lucky log (promises to keep the business growing), two stalks is an expression of love, and three stalks bring lucks (happiness, long life and wealth).

Note: 4 stalk is a BIG NO NO for Chinese as the word four, sounds similar to death in mandarin.

3. Next, we have a rather iconic one


Also know as Kumquat tree, this plant is a symbol of luck and good fortune.

4. This plant has a funny name


Pussy Willow signifies having abundant luck and prosperity and is known by the Cantonese as Yin Lou. The word Yin, sounds similar to ‘silver’ and ‘money’ in Cantonese. They are often hang with decorative ornaments just like a Chirstmas tree.

5. Blossom into the new year


In Chinese culture, the peach ‘tao’ is a symbol of longevity, growth and prosperity. The fuller the blossom, the better your luck and the peach wood is believe to be able to ward off evil.

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