F.I.V.E: Mozzie Facts

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In light of the current dengue hike as reported by Channel NewsAsia in January, we at HypeQuiva have F.I.V.E. facts that will increase your knowledge on the Aedes mosquito and the dengue fever

Instant Adulthood


A mosquito can lay its eggs and reach adulthood in three days. 3! IMAGINE BEING A BABY TO AN ADULT IN 3 DAYS! Stress ah.

Live Fast Die Young


However the average lifespan for an Aedes mosquito is also quite short. Males usually live for 10 days while females can live up to eight weeks before they die.

Ancient Creatures


Mosquitoes have been alive since Jurassic days, which means that they are millions and millions years old. Which also means that they are Dinosaurs?!?! Well ok no.

Mosquito Prevention


Insecticides only work on the adults. Therefore if you think you’ve killed the entire swarm of mosquitoes, you might have only killed the adults while the kids lie eagerly waiting in their eggs. As such do remember to do the “5 Step Mozzie Wipeout” as taught by the National Environment of Singapore (NEA), or you can ask Bey for mosquito killing tips. 

Mosquito Repulsion Tactics


Wearing light coloured clothes helps in preventing getting bitten by the mozzies. Because mosquitoes are attracted to heat, wearing dark coloured clothes unintentionally retain more heat than light coloured ones. The next time you’re going hiking or somewhere foresty, put on light coloured clothes and then laugh at your friends who wear black!

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