F.I.V.E: Healthy Uses of Honey Everyone Should Know

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Honey comes in raw and pasteurized forms, the best of which is the Manuka Honey. Other than a natural sweetener, honey has so many other uses and here are five things you might not even know.


#1 – Cough Remedy


With just a couple of simple ingredients- thyme, honey, water, and lemon, you can prepare a mixture that suppresses your cough or cold.


#2 – Soothe Sore Throat & Uclers


Grab a spoonful of honey and slowly suck on it. Taste good and a healthy substitute for natural lozenges.


#3 – Wound care


Using honey as a wound dressing has been used since a thousand years ago. Recently discovered as a biologic wound dressing with multiple bioactivities, it speeds up the healing process and fights against infectious bacteria.


#4 – Skin Care


Due to its antimicrobial properties, using honey as an ingredient for a mask or exfoliation is effective for clearing your pores and stopping the growth of microbes. In addition, the waxy portion of the honey keeps the skin smooth, soft and glowing.


#5 – All-Natural Energy Drink


Honey is an excellent source of energy. The natural unprocessed sugar delivers a quick boost and acts as a short-term energy source. Drink a glass of honey water before a workout to give you an extra boost.

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