F.I.V.E: CNY Detox Tips

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With the Chinese New Year festivals well underway, the amount of overindulging in steamboat, bak kwa, pineapple tarts (and many more) was inevitable. I mean, when snacks were offered to us, we try not to be rude by accepting it. Besides, the holiday is the only time we can enjoy free food without guilt.

Unfortunately, all that excess calories- carbohydrates, fats, salt, sugar, and alcohol, can leave us feeling bloated, tired, hungry and of course, developing a ‘food baby’. Yes, a bulging tummy that we all loathe.

Instead of moaning and complaining about the weight gain, why not do something about it? Try these easy detox tips to get back on track and lose that food baby.


#1 – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


Getting your body hydrated is key as the excess sugar, salt and alcohol dehydrate you. Drink a glass of water upon waking, preferably warm or room temperature. Add in slices or juice of a lemon to the glass if possible. Drinking fresh lemon water first thing in the morning cleanse our body system, stimulate digestive enzymes and even aid in weight loss.


#2- Juice Cleanse Diet


The benefits of juicing are vast! Getting the vital nutrients and vitamins your body needs to functions just from a glass is amazing! To start, begin with a day of juicing (6 bottles/glasses of juices) or replace a meal (breakfast or dinner) with juice or smoothies. Depending on your preference, you may continue the juice cleanse for one or two more days.

A typical juice contains high vitamins, nutrients- with a large amount of carbohydrates from the natural sugar of fruits and vegetables, but contains little to no fat and protein. I would tell you to go ahead and ‘just do it’, but like all diets, seek advice from a dietician or nutritionist first before proceeding.

Juicing on your own is a more affordable choice, but if you can’t fork out the time (or plain lazy), there are several places you could order from and even delivers directly to your home or workplace. You may check out Hic Juice or Antidote; prices start from $118 or $89 respectively for a 6-pack.


#3 – Sweat It Out


Ok, this may be a chore for those who never included exercise in their schedule, but the benefits of exercise not only extends to eliminating sodium from your body (through perspiring), it also helps lose that food baby, build muscle and gain strength.

Begin with an easier form of exercise such as hot yoga, which help to keep you focused, calms and relaxes you while working out. For a more affordable option, go jogging around your neighborhood, play a game of soccer or badminton with friends; any form of exercise is better than none.


#4 – Exfoliation


Proper and regular exfoliating of your skin (whole body, not just your face) is essential to ensure your skin looking fresh, healthy and moist. Furthermore, exfoliation improves lymphatic system and increases our blood circulation. In all, it encourages the detoxification process.


#5 – Eliminate (or minimise) Toxic Load


The toxic load I am referring is refined sugars (basically all desserts), coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and saturated fats. All these acts as obstacles to our healing process; inflammatory and load up in our liver and remains in the body as toxins.

If eliminating certain food is a challenge for you, minimise or substitute with another. Try green tea instead of coffee and replace soda with juices. They are the reasons for your fatigues and bloatedness, try eliminating these foods from your diet for a couple days and you will notice huge changes.

At the end of the day, ask yourself why do you want to this. As the phrase goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way”. If you’re not comfortable with these detoxing tips, do what you can to get back on track and find one that fits you (let us know though). Always bear in mind that losing weight is not important, but being healthy is. Eat well and stay awesome people.



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