Top Events To Attend In Singapore This November

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It is time to celebrate as the year is ending soon! There are plenty of fun things to do, learn, and explore this November! Most of the events mentioned are also very budget friendly and do not compromise on the excitement factor. Here we present you with the top festivals and bazaars that you must attend! Do take note that most of them happen to take place this weekend!

1. Singapore River festival 2016

Singapore River Festival returns this year with a new and exciting concept. The theme this year is “River Connections,” to highlight how the river connects people of different ethnicities across the three quays.



Highlights: Silent Disco, Quayside Cinema, Circular Spectacular, Crossings by under clouds Cie 

Date: 4-5 November 2016

Cost: Free

2. Singapore Writers festival

Singapore Writer’s Festival is one of Asia’s premier literary events. This year the festival delves into the multi-faceted human condition with the theme, Sayang.



Highlights: Featured authors this year include Joanne Harris (UK) – Author of Chocolat, Lionel Shriver – Author of The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047 and more

Date: 4-13 November 2016

Cost: Standard- $20, Last day- $10

3. The Zouk Run

In the preparation of the big move to Clarke Quay, Zouk is hosting closing activities including the Zouk Run. It is open to all who are above 16 years of age. The run will be a unique party experience and will also include an after party.



Highlights: Magic of #ZoukAtJiakKim, After party 

Date: 05 Nov’16

Cost: $42 includes entry to after party

4. Singapore Biennale 2016

The theme of this year’s Singapore Biennale 2016 is ‘AN ATLAS OF MIRRORS’ where artworks are displayed to show how humankind views the world and what tools they have used to navigate forward.



Highlights: International contemporary art exhibition by more than 60 artists across Southeast Asia, and East and South Asia.

Date: 27 Oct’16 to 26 Feb’17

Cost: $10-$20

5. Dia De Muertos Singapore

Dia De Muertos is and an arts and music fiesta celebration the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead. The event will feature art and music collaborations between leading Singaporean and Mexican artists and musicians.



Highlights: Musical performance by Verano Peligroso (MX) x DJ K (Sin), Frida Kahlo Art Installation, Workshop for children

Date: 05 Nov’16

Cost: Free

6. St James Fitness Festival

The St James Fitness Festival is a brand new fitness and music festival. It promises a premium fitness experience for everyone regardless of age and capability. The event will include popular workouts such as Zumba and HITT.



Highlights: Yoga by Jessamyn Stanley, Bollywood Yoga by Real Yoga, Calisthenics by Daryl , KpopX Fitness by Rachael He , U-JAM Fitness by Kristen Noel , ZUMBA by Sock Ling

Date: 05 Nov’16 

Cost:  $5 -$20

7. Bazaar@Hive

Hive by Wala Wala and the retro Factory proudly presents Bazaar@Hive. Inspired by the Camberwell Market and Notting Hill Market, it is not your average Pasar Malam. There will be a vintage flea market and a showcase of a vinyl fair, live music, foods, beer and more.



Highlights: Vintage Flea Market, Hive Food Fair, Vinyl Records Fair, Live Bands on stage, DJ Rico Smith on the decks, Enoteca Wine Fair, Beer & Gin Tasting

Date: 06 Nov’16 

Cost: Free 

8. Singapore International Film Festival

The festival celebrates the stories of Asia, Southeast Asia, and the world through the art of film. There are over 160 films to choose from eight venues around the city!



Highlights: Lookout for “Filmmaker-in-Attendance” mark to catch guest directors for an introduction or post-show discussion.

Date: 23 Nov – 04 Dec’ 16

Cost: Pay as you wish and $5 refundable for registration fee for masterclasses

Let us know if you have managed to tick of all the events!

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