Common Words Singaporeans Mispronounce

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Singaporeans are known for the lack of articulation and pronunciation in their words when speaking. Even I am a victim to these few words. I admit I only recently realize that the L in salmon is silent after a short lecture in class by my lecturer (thanks Miss Deepa). It was probably early last year but ok. Well to help you guys out, here are some words that are a bit hard and confusing to pronounce.


Salmon – Say Sa-mon. Not Sal-Mon

Mischievous – Mis-Chee-Vous. Theres no Mis-Chee-Vi-Ous

Chassis – Car fanatics please say the right pronounciation to your mechanics. SHA-SEE not CHEY-SIS. Not I-SIS either.

Expresso – Switch the X with an S. Say Es-Presso

Et cetera – Same with above no X. ET not EX.

Colonel – For the boys this is easy; but to the rest of the population its not Co-Lo-Nel. Its Ker-Nel.

Often – This has a silent T. Of-fen instead of Of-Ten.

Arctic – The C is in the spelling for a reason. ARK-TIC not AR-TIC

Antarctica – Ditto above. An-Tark-Ti-Ca

Dilate – There’s no A after DI. It’s said DI-LATE not DIA-LATE


Debris – Silent S on this word. Say De-Bree

Forte – Forte is not pronounced as FORT. Instead its said as FOR-TAY.

Poem – Singaporeans always get this wrong. Its Po-Uhm. Not Po-YEM

Pizza – One of Singapore’s favourite food said wrongly. Its Pitt-Sa not PIZ-ZA.

Wednesday – Third day of the week is a bit more confusing than the rest of the other days pronounciation. 2 syllable not 3. WENZ-DAY.

Bury – Hahaha. This one is a bit hard. Not Bah-ree nor Boo-ree. Say it like a Berry. BERRY.

GIF – Heres one for the confused. Pronounced with Ji not Gi.


Jalapeno – I once ordered a pizza and pronounced it as JA-LA-PEN-YO instead of HA-LA-PE-NO. Was the butt of the jokes for the rest of the night.

Hierarchy – This one is abit hard. Say HIGH-ER-AR-KEY.

Nutella – Okay. This is controversial. So much so that Nutella themselves had to give out the correct pronounciation on their twitter. Its NEW-TELL-UH.

Subtle – Silent B on this one. SAH-TLE

Façade – I made a mistake once with a friend in a car and the rest of the journey was a conversation to pronounce this right. She’s an architect so I think she should know more. I said FA-KADE instead of FA-SAHDE. Hilarious.

Mojito – I was a server once and my restaurant used to serve this drink. The amount of people pronouncing as MO-JEE-TOH instead of MO-HEE-TOH got me so annoyed. I gave up correcting them.


Pronunciation – Ironic right that the word describing a way a word is pronounced is being said wrongly. Its commonly said as pro-NOUN-cia-tion. Wrong. Say pro-NUN-cia-tion.

Macaron – A Macaron(ma-ka-RON) is the colourful little sweet things that is all the craze now; or at least used to be. A ma-ca-ROON is not colourful and made up mostly of egg whites, sugar and dried coconut. Don’t worry it’s the french people confusing our pronunciation with all their delicious pastries.

Lettuce – Pronounced as LET-TUS not LET-YUS or LET-US-USE.

Lingerie – Lingerie is a French word so naturally it has to be confusing. Say LAWN-ZHUH-REY not LIN-GER-REE.

Triathlon – Singaporeans like to run and swim and cycle. So some of them join a triathlon. But not many can say it proper. Say Tri-Ath-Lon instead of Tri-Eh-The-Lon.


February – There’s an R inside February for a reason. Please don’t forget about it when pronouncing. Fe-BRU-ary is the correct way(not Febua-ry).

Voldermort – Okay lah actually this word, not many people use all the time. BUT Queen Jo(J.K. Rowling) said that the correct pronunciation is Vol-Der-More. No T at the back. So we have to obey.

All these words actually makes me feel like Hermione Granger, correcting people of their mistakes. “It’s LeviOsa, not LeviosAR.”

Any other words we need to know? Let me know!


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