Beat The Heat With These Delicious Soft Serves In Singapore

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Remember the time when 7-11’s Mr Softee is king of soft serves in Singapore? Ever since the last Mr Softee was sold, there has been many attempts for others to recreate the popular soft serve ice cream. Mcdonald’s were the first few restaurants which tried to dominate the soft serve market and they do to a certain extent. It’s one of the cheapest soft serves you can get in Singapore. Then a few year back as sudden as Mr Softee’s exit, the soft serve trend came booming back on Singapore’s shores. Now, you can find soft serve ice cream being sold at many more places as compared to previous years. I’ve went on an ice cream spree these few days and here are 7 places with the best soft serve ice creams in Singapore. 


Ice Cream-1

More popular for their Churros than their soft serves, their ice cream tasted similar to the ones you can get at McDonald’s. However, when you dip the churros in the ice cream and have them together, that’s when the differences arise. The soft churros and the soft serve makes a good combination for a dessert and it is worth the money. However, if you intend on only getting the soft serve and not the churros, do give it a pass as your boyfriend will be much much better. 😉 $5.90 for ice cream and plain churros.

201 Victoria Street #04-01, Bugis Plus
313@Somerset #B3-49, 313 Orchard Rd
Opening Hours
11am – 930pm


Ice Cream-2

Milkcow is by far one of my favourites in this list. It’s full of milk flavour which I love so so much. It’s thick and doesn’t melt fast. I got the Milky Cube ($5.90) option which is ice cream with a cube of honeycomb. The honeycomb goes well with the ice cream and it doesn’t taste as sweet as you think it’ll be. It was my first time trying Milkcow and I think it definitely won’t be the last.

They have 8 outlets throughout the Island. Click here for the closest one to you!


Ice Cream-3

Remember the Chendol Mr Softee sold at 7-11 before they went awol? They’re back in Singapore! Well not exactly the same thing, but it taste similar if not way better than the original. At, they serve Chendol ice cream on steroids! For $6 you’ll get the ice cream, coconut shavings, the green chendol jelly and more gula melaka. This ice cream is perfect for hot days and even cool nights. However, I do think that it’s too big for one person to finish everything and it is best shared with a friend. It’s soooo gooood and it’s worth every cent paid. Really you have to check it out to believe it. 

18 Baghdad Street
Opening Hours
Tues – Thurs: 12pm – 830pm
Fri – Sun: 12pm – 930pm
Or till sold out


Ice Cream-4

Tsujiri is all things matcha and many more. From matcha shaved ice to matcha floats to even matcha parfait, there’s something for you if you don’t like one thing or another. However, we’re here for the soft serve and boy, they didn’t disappoint. The matcha taste in the soft serve is very strong and there’s a nice balance of sweet and bitter. The vanilla ice cream didn’t impress and there’re many other better vanilla soft serve out there. I’d strongly recommend the matcha soft serve which goes for $4.80 a pop! 

They have 3 outlets. Check them out here!


Ice Cream-5

My FAVOURITEST place to get matcha softserve. They have the best matcha flavoured soft serve ice cream in the whole of Singapore in my opinion. The balance between the bitter green tea powder and the sweetness of the ice cream is a match made in heaven. It’s also cheaper as compared to their competitors at $3.60 a cone. The soft serve also doesn’t melt very fast and the cone don’t get soggy even after 15 minutes. Now, this is my go-to place for matcha ice cream, you guys definitely have to check them out. 

They have two outlets. One at Orchard Central, the other at Suntec City Mall. 
Opening Hours
11am – 10pm


Ice Cream-6

One of the more popular Korean style soft serve brands in Singapore, Honey Creme is one of our top picks too. We chose the Affogato and cotton candy option and they didn’t disappoint at all. The combination of espresso and milk soft serve hits all the right notes and the cotton candy plays its part in sweetening the dessert. For $6.20, I really don’t mind paying for it again and again even though it’s a bit expensive.

They have 2 outlets. One at Somerset 313, the other at Jurong East Mall (JEM). 
Opening Hours
11am – 10pm daily


For fancy soft serve ice creams, visit Brother Bird located within Stateland Cafe. Their ice cream melts very fast, so do try to finish it as fast as you can; if not everything becomes a melted mess. The mochi donut that came with it is simply a winner. Its soft and chewy texture combines well with the ice cream that comes with it. However, for $14 I think it’s a tad too pricey for a dessert for one. It’s a better idea to split the bill. 

32 Bali Lane
Opening Hours
12pm – 10pm
So these are the 7 places for you to get your soft serve ice cream fix. I’m sure there are many other places out there that I’ve missed out. But if there’s one place that I really need to try which is not in this list, do let me know in the comments section below!

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