A&W Restaurant and 21 Other Foods We Desperately NEED On Our Little Red Dot Right Now

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Singaporeans LOVE food and we are always willing to queue for hours to get our hands on the latest tarts or drinks or ramen. There are also times we wished we could fly off to another country to satisfy our cravings for all kinds of food and our bank accounts obviously do not allow that. So what do we do? Mention those places on Facebook/Twitter and beg them to bring their food to Singapore. Here are food that we would want right here in Singapore so we can have it any time we want!

1. Taco Bell


What other explanation do you need? Singapore lacks tacos and when we actually do have tacos, they suck the life out of our wallets. Plus it’s really yummy. Think Taco Bell with a Singaporean twist.

2. Bubblegum Squash McFlurry


Only available in Aussie’s Meccas, this bubblegum syrup mixed into the standard vanilla soft serve that’s topped with marshmallows would be a great substitute for Baskin Robbin’s bubblegum flavoured ice cream!

3. Nagashi Somen


Over here, the somen are served sliding down a bamboo pipe and you will have to catch it with your chopsticks. The water that runs through are actually spring water! After catching your noodles, dip it into a sauce made specially for the noodles. Super fun and interesting but not sure how we’re going to do this in Singapore. If I can get my flowing noodles, I wouldn’t mind a man-made spring for sure.

4. Cinnamon Spiced Apple Bircher


Greek yoghurt with fruits and nuts, spiced with cinnamon. We don’t have lots of these in Singapore and usually we will have to fix our own yoghurt; the ones at cafes are really just way overpriced. But this is available at a MacDonald’s 10, 954 kilometres away from Singapore.

5. Pierre Herme


Ironically, the best macarons are not found in France but Hong Kong. It’s definitely more expensive than Laduree but we’re not complaining. They have the most unique flavours and the creaminess of the ganache isn’t too overwhelming. So is it Laduree or Pierre Herme for you? We are choosing Pierre Herme!

6. In-N-Out Burger


We know there are tons of fast food chains in the U.S but In-N-Out is one of the healthier option in the sense that they use fresh products in their burgers and yes, they use real meat for their patties. We foresee that they could be a more affordable version of Omakase Burger, what do you think?

7. Calbee Plus


Calbee is one of the brands we grew up with and it would be a dream come true for Calbee Plus to come to Singapore. Calbee Plus serves up potato chips with soft serve ice cream and different types of sauces. Best of all, the potato chips are made fresh on the spot.

9. McBeer


Yes, this is real. McBeers are served in certain European countries and some Asian countries (that’s obviously not Singapore). Really, what would be better than a cup of cold beer after that long day at work? We know how Singapore is so strict with the alcohol ban and all, so may we suggest McBeers on Friday and Saturday nights?

10. Dominique Ansel Bakery And Kitchen


Don’t be mistaken. It’s not bakery and kitchen, it’s bakery AND kitchen. They are two different shops that sells different things opened by the same person who brought cronuts to us. They got even more popular after their cookie shot glass and honestly, if you think the Bakery is out of this world, you have not seen the Kitchen at all.

11. Rikuro’s Cheesecake


Pretty sure we all get so mesmerised by the videos of these bouncy cheesecakes we see on social media that we wished we could have a bite of it. Do we have a Japanese cheesecake shop in Singapore right now? No. See? That’s another reason for it to come to our island.

12. A&W Restaurant


We have been literally begging for this to be in Singapore but nope, we are still travelling to Malaysia for this. It’s basically another fast food chain. I swear, it’s normal A&W Root Beer and normal vanilla ice cream but for some reason, their root beer floats always seem to keep a piece of me back in their store. I mean, who else makes root beer like A&W?

13. Pablo Cheese Tart


This hype has got us crazy even though it’s not even in Singapore yet. There are people who actually tompang their friends and relatives to da bao this insanely yummy cheese tart back when they go to Japan. They also have a matcha cheese tart and ice cream and all we can say is “TAKE MY MONEY”.

14. Pumpkin Spice Latte


Just because we don’t have the four seasons here doesn’t mean we don’t deserve some pumpkin spice latte. This basic white girl go-to during the fall is slowly creeping into our hearts as we see 100000 photos of it online. We are dying to have a taste of this popular fall beverage so Starbucks, could we pleaseeeee have it?

15. Prince Cheese Potato


You have probably seen an inspired version during the Ramadhan Bazaaar earlier this year. But the real one is definitely on it’s own league with it’s fried then mashed potato, fresh toppings nestled in the potato and that generous amount of cheese. SO GOOD, it’s real food porn.

16. Ramly Burger


Did you know that the Ramly burgers at pasar malams are not the real Ramly but just the Singapore version? Ramly Burger is banned from Singapore for some product issues with the meat used for patties. Hopefully AVA can clear this up for us soon or Ramly Burger finds another approved meat supplier, otherwise we can forget about having the real deal in Singapore (or you could just drive to Malaysia for one).

17. Bear Claw


Not real bear claws, but pastry that are called bear claws because they look like it. We hardly see this here, why does it need to be in Singapore? Well, it’s pastry, do you even need any reasons?

18. After You Dessert Cafe


We know how popular and tasty these Japanese-style Shibuya toasts are and every trip to Thailand, we must make sure we join the beeline at this dessert place. We do have a few toast places in Singapore but are they as good as After You’s? Not really.

19. Dimsum Icon


Okay, this is it. Dimsum that are made to order. You can customise your buns with your favourite cartoon character and they are super well-known for their Gudetama ones. In fact, they were dubbed “World’s 1st Gudetama Dim Sum Restaurant”! We would love to squeeze the chocolate filling out of Gudetama’s butt!

20. iHop


Oh God, I can imagine how light and fluffy the pancakes are and how it’s going to melt in my mouth. iHop is really popular for it’s pancakes and I can totally see why. They also serve lots of other breakfast items like a Classic English Breakfast and omelettes and even waffles, both sweet and savoury!

21. Chipotle


A fast food slash Mexican grill; Chipotle whips up lots of Mexican food that are pocket-friendly. With Mexican cuisine slowly growing in Singapore’s food scene, this is a really good time to bring in Chipotle!

22. Gordon Ramsay


Okay, technically he isn’t food but who doesn’t want all of GR’s restaurants to come to Singapore? We know how exclusive his restaurants can be and even that, we still want a taste of Hell’s Kitchen. And really, we all salivate as we watch his shows, don’t we?

Are there any more really bizarre and popular food places around the world that we should know? Do tell us in the comments!

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