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Nizzam hopes that one day people will never be late again but knows that as long as there are individuals who chew with their mouth open, that day will never come. Troof.

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5 Easy Tips For The Cheapest Flights

Everybody loves travelling but not everyone knows how to find cheap flight deals on the web. Getting cheap flight deals is an art which not many people have mastered. I,…

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Getting Overdosed From OVERDOSE

Source Overdose drinks started in Malaysia in Dec 2015, with their unique selling point being their attractive packaging and huge drink portions at an affordable rate. They started selling the…

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8 Ways To Spot A Singaporean Overseas

Singaporeans are known to travel a lot. Part of the reason is because our dollar is going strong amongst other currencies. The other part of the reason is that Singapore…

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Tiger Street Food: Hokkien Mee

Tiger Beer is championing a movement to support Singapore’s disappearing street food by giving it the attention it really needs. Singapore’s hawkers are getting older with each passing year and…