Animals Have Feelings Too, Just Like Humans

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In recent years, the number of cat hoarding cases has increased. Do you remember the 39 cats that were rescued by Cat Welfare Society (CWS) from Yishun two months ago? After being crammed in cages, caked in faeces and surrounded by cockroaches, all 39 cats were in poor health and physical conditions. Despite efforts to save the cats, nearly half of the 39 cats did not survive. Currently, 16 are undergoing treatment and 21 were sent to veterinary clinics for examination – though they are one step closer to be re-homed, many are still slightly dehydrated and very malnourished. As of today, only 2 of those cats were successfully re-homed.


There are different levels of cat hoarding, all of which are not encouraged. Keeping a cat, or pets in generally, requires a lifetime commitment. By keeping us company through good and bad times, having a pet brought us joy and showed us the true meaning of friendship. Having pets requires a significant amount of money, time and energy. Just like humans, they have feelings too, requiring love, care and effort.


Before you decide on getting a pet, question yourself whether you are ready for such a huge responsibility because animals’ lives matter too! Research information on the requirements the pet needs (cost, life span, etc) and whether you have the money to afford the pet and whether you have time to look after it. A lack of planning is usually the reason people give up on pets. Consider your options as well, should you buy or adopt.

As for myself, I pick adoption. Puppy mills are known for its notorious sole purpose of breeding, churning out pets and making a profit from selling them. There are various adoption agencies in Singapore and they often hold adoption drives during the weekend. Otherwise, adoption from personal home is available as well. Perhaps from a family’s friend, friends or even strangers, who have a pet that had recently given birth and wish to give the new borns away. Adoption is not only a cheaper alternative but also a more compassionate and humane way.


Don’t shop for a pet, ADOPT!

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