Alternative Cinemas In Singapore

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Are you bored by the conventional cinema theaters in Singapore? Do you crave a unique movie experience? We have found seven places that screen more than your typical Hollywood blockbusters. Here you can find different movie genres including Local, Indie and Foreign Cult.

1. The screening room



The screening room offers private movie screenings at their boutique theatre on level 3 showcasing timeless films from across the world. Post 10 pm the boutique theatre transforms into a chic champagne lounge where you can unwind while sipping a cocktail or two. Click here to view details on the latest screenings.

2. National gallery SG



In the gallery’s Painting with light series, Movies are screened on the first weekend of every month featuring classic and contemporary title from the region. Click here to get the full details of movies and timings.

3. Alliance Française



We know that Alliance Française provides French classes and exhibitions, but they also offer a selection of mostly contemporary French movies. It is called the Ciné Club. New titles are added every month. Movies are screened every Tuesday and on Sunday afternoons.

4. The Projector



The projector was the biggest movie theaters in the 1970s and is now refurbished in 2014 to be a cinema for the indie lovers. Weekends are the best time to visit as it is usually when good Japanese and French films are shown. The theatre has a retro vibe, and there is an excellent cafe selling artisanal coffee from Tiong Hoe Coffee.

5. Rex Cinemas



Rex is an ideal choice for the Bollywood junkies. They screen both Hindi and Tamil films. It is also a favourite hang out spot for the foreign workers.

6. Capitol Theatre



Capitol Theatre is all about the sparks and glamour. Premiers, first-run screenings, and other extravagant events commonly take place here. It is Asia’s first theatre to have a rotational floor system that will allow customized seat configuration for every occasion.

7. The Substation



The substation promotes local films and is a home for the arts and culture in Singapore. They have a free screening every once a month that features short films produced and directed by future filmmakers in Singapore. There will also be a Q&A segment after each screening where you could get the opportunity to interact with the crew.

Not all movie theaters have to be same, try experiencing the alternatives!

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