8 Ways To Forget Your Ex For Good

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Sometimes people have a mutual breakup but most of the time, people get dumped all of a sudden and they don’t really know why…until they start stalking their ex and that’s when the tears, the hurt, the hate multiply by folds. You hate that trash and you can’t wait to see them fall. But at the same time, the hurt they have caused is making you suffer and you can’t seem to get over them despite all that has happened because for you, there were no proper closure. So how do you stay strong on your own and get over him/her?

1. Put away everything and anything that reminds you of your ex

Yup, who cares? Not your ex.

2. Stop going to their social media profiles

Why are you still going to their profiles? To checkout the new beau? To bitch about the new girl? Oh no, you don’t. Just find all the determination in you to stop looking through their social media.

3. Do new things to keep yourself busy

Pick up new hobbies (or even habits). Yoga, pilates, pole dancing, anything. It could also just be going to a cafe every weekend just to have a cuppa and to read a book. Do something you have never done before and you will find yourself getting so busy you won’t even have time to think of your ex.

4. Indulge yourself

Remember all that money you spent on him/her. Spend it on yourself now and remind yourself that you are still fabulous and you don’t need people in your life to complete you. Start to love yourself again.

5. Meet new people

Meet new people, make new friends. When we are tied into a relationship, it seems that we have to be very cautious about meeting new people so now that you’re out of it, you might as well. You may be missing out on lots of stuff and it will be a great time to catch up!

6. Make more time for your friends

It’s true that when we are in a relationship, we tend to ditch our friends more often to be together with the one we thought it’s The One. Always remember that your friends are important too and even if you were to get together with someone else again, do not cast them aside.

7. Keep a journal

No, you don’t have to update everyday. Just jot down your feelings and thoughts from time to time. Treat it as an outlet for you to vent on instead of ranting on social media. If writing is not your thing, you could also do it on a blog.

8. Dare to fall in love again

You know how the heartbreak feels like but you also know how falling in love feels like; so blissful and sweet. Don’t forgo love all at once just because you had that one bad experience. Don’t pray and look for love, let nature takes its course and let love come to you on its own!

Are there any other ways you guys handle heartbreaks? It sure isn’t easy but remember millions of people go through the same thing as you and you’re not alone. Always speak to someone about how you feel instead of bottling things up!
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