8 Must Have Travel Apps You Need For Your Next Trip

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Planning is crucial when it comes to traveling. The more you plan, the smoother your journey will flow. Having traveled quite a bit, I have used apps that have helped me a huge deal. Here is my holy grail of apps that I have on my phone when I travel. I assure it will help you improve your travel experience.

1. AirBnB


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AirBnB is a marketplace that allows users to search for and find unique accommodation. Here you can expect to stay in dream homes that include quirky flats to treehouses and even boats. It is a fraction of the price of regular hotels, and you get to live in a neighborhood and feel like a real local.

2. Couchsurfing


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Couchsurfing is the best app to help you travel like a local. It is similar to AirBnB but you don’t have to pay a penny, and there will always be a host. It makes you learn the culture of the country first-hand, practice a new language and even get to know non-touristy things about the place.

3. Rome2Rio


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Rome2Rio is a perfect app to help you discover how you can get to anywhere in the world. You just have to type in your destination, and you can find a route with minimal effort. It will pull up flights, trains, buses, ferries and more to get you there.

4. Google Maps


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Google Maps is fantastic to navigate around any city. You can download the maps beforehand and use it without wifi or data connection. It also gives better transit options, and in most cases, directions are even colour coded.

5. Bla Bla Car


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Bla Bla Car is a trusted community marketplace for travelers mainly in the European region to share a ride. The service is completely insured. It is an app that makes car travel more affordable and experiential. It is a well-designed app that is clear making it super practical to use.

6. Google Translate


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Google Translate allows users to dictate short sentences from one language to another. Google Translate will be your best buddy to help you connect with locals who may not speak the same language as you. It is a neat trick that will help anyone get through hassles in a foreign land.

7. Skyscanner


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Skyscanner is a great app for those looking for value friendly air tickets. It helps you to compare fares of airlines and find you one that gives you plenty of bang for the buck. It also pulls in smaller carriers that you might not have heard.


8. XE currency


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Currency rates are important to take note whether you are splurging or on a shoestring budget when you travel. XE currency allows you to check for rates and it is available even when you are offline. The app supports almost all the national currencies used worldwide.


Traveling abroad can be overwhelming hence you can rely on these apps to help you travel better and smarter!


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