8 Jobs That Exist Because Of The Almighty Internet

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The digital age brought about life changing experiences on how we live in our world. Plenty of jobs that existed then died and went extinct when computers were invented and mass-produced. Then came the World Wide Web (WWW) and more jobs gave way to technology. Did you know that in the past computers were humans?! Literally a room filled with people doing calculations. Now, we just use a calculator. However, even though technology has taken over the most basic jobs for human, there are now new jobs that are created to maintain the computers and other creations that came with it. Here are eight jobs that didn’t exist until recently.




The introduction of Internet allows people to take to various online platforms to write and talk about their feelings about social issues, products and other topics. Influencers, or bloggers as they are previously known, are popular people that got famous on the Internet because of many reasons such as looks, opinions and even creating viral content. These social influencers are the next generation of celebrities that can influence their followers in what they eat, drink, wear, and converse. Some local examples would be Naomi Neo and Tan Jian Hao. These influencers are usually sponsored or paid by various companies to advertise their products and latest offerings on social medias.


Social Media Manager



A social media manager’s job is an arduous task. There’re many mini projects that he/she has to complete for the day and a lot more people to liaise with. However, this can all be confusing to some people. To sum it all up, a social media manager’s job is to manage the company’s social media networks and also to come up with content that will specifically engage with their followers. It is easier said than done as the social media manager need to thread carefully in the online world so as to not trip on any red wires that can cause embarrassment to the company. The job of the social media manager is also a 24/7 one as he/she needs to keep up of the latest trends and fads in the real world.


Virtual Boyfriend/Girlfriend


Yeap. It sounds exactly like what it you think it is, a virtual partner for you lonely folks out there. Although this service is not popular in Singapore or in South East Asia per se, it’s a blooming business in the United States. I can go on and on about this job or I can let you watch the video above!


App Designer/Developer


As the mobile phone industry progresses, there has been an increasing need for the application content available to users on mobile devices to be technologically better. That’s where the app designer and developer come in. The app designer gives the creative lead of the future app the coming up with the interface and graphics. The developer on the other hand works together with the designer to figure out a way for the app to work. There’s a ton of work to do before the finished products and a lot of collaboration needs to be done together before the polished gem is released for public use.


Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant is someone who assist with your problems at a particular website. Think of them as Clippy, the Microsoft Office assistant, but as a human answering your queries in real life. This allows you to save on time and effort to physically head down to the company for them to solve your problems but instead head online and ask your questions to the virtual assistant who will do whatever to assist you.


Content Strategist


A content strategist’s job is not very specific, as he/she has to do a lot. Similar to a social media manager, he/she has to come up with content for websites. However, there’s a lot more planning in that sense. He/she has to have a wide knowledge of current issues and has to be up to date with the daily happenings. He/she has to do research on the content and has to be the creative head of the editorial team. Because the online website has to be continuously updated with reliable content, there has to be a forethought in the article and content creation. The content strategist works with a lot of people in the company and is one of the most important people in the organization.


Online Coaching


Online coaching blossomed with the rise of social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Coaches can expand their reach and network through these platforms by uploading videos, photos, or articles about their industry. A popular online coach is Superior Striker. He’s a football coach who trains strikers to be the best in their expertise. His list of clientele includes top young and promising strikers from Premier League, Ligue 1 and other European clubs.


Online Reseller


You know those people who buy things in bulk and then selling them online? Yeap these are the online resellers I’m talking about. It’s a profession that is gaining popularity especially when there are specific apps for it like Carousell. You don’t need a lot of skills in this profession, just a lot of hard work and taking risk on buying items in bulk from overseas. You also need a lot of patience, as the items you bought might not sell as fast as you think it might. With a bit of luck, who knows maybe you can earn enough to open up your own shop!

So there you have it, eight jobs that came our way with the existence of the Internet. Let us know what you think!

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