8 Japanese Food and Combinations That Should Be Brought To Singapore

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We Singaporeans lurrrrvveee our Japanese food and one of the main Japanese food that we love the most is Sushi. On average I’d say that we eat sushi at least once a week, no matter if it’s made fresh in a restaurant or from over the counter sushi shops. Being Singaporeans also means that we hardly venture out of our food comfort zones. We turn away from weird looking food and funny food combinations and stick to the ones that appeal to us the most. I’ve been looking around the net and found eight Japanese food and combinations that need to land on our shores soon. Here are the eight.

1) Spam Musubi


Spam musubi is basically fried spam with sushi rice wrapped between a piece of seaweed. It’s a Hawaiian favourite and is one of the main delicacies on the island. Sure it’s not hard to make or even authentic Japanese sushi, but if it’s as popular as it claims to be why not just include it in the menu right?!

2) Philadelphia Roll


A Philadelphia Roll is essentially a sushi roll with smoked salmon and Philadelphia cream cheese, thus the given name. It seems like an unlikely combo, but if it works on a sandwich, why won’t it work as a sushi?

3) Fruit Sushi


I first came across Fruit Sushi when Buzzfeed uploaded a video on it. Since then, many DIY/food youtubers have tried to recreate the recipe, with varying degrees of success. Instead of using water as the liquid to cook the rice, it is half cooked and then finished off with coconut milk and vanilla essence giving it a sweet sticky rice texture similar to the ones you get with Mango Sticky Rice. The rice is then topped or rolled with a variety of fruits. Sure you can make it yourself but I wonder what variations sushi shops can come up with during their R&D.


4) Horse Meat


Okay I admit, even I would cringe at the thought of eating horsemeat. However first time eaters of the meat said that it’s better than beef and has a gamey smell. Even though it’s served predominantly in Japan, I’m sure a lot of unknown nations are serving it too, though it might not pass the strict AVA test in Singapore.

5) Fugu


Labeled the deadliest delicacy in the world, Fugu can only be prepared by chef licensed by the Japanese government and currently there are only a handful of recognized places to consume them. The poison from the Fugu fish is said to be 1200 times more lethal than cyanide and currently, there’re no known cure for the poison. Maybe it’s time to fly over one of the licensed chefs over to Singapore so that we can have a taste of the notorious Fugu fish.

6) Cod Milt


I’m just putting this here, but this is something that I will never ever taste in my life. Cod Milt is basically the sperm of a codfish. Yeap, you read that right. Cod Fish Sperm. Some say it taste horrible but others say that it taste like “runny cream cheese.” It’s called Shirako in Japanese, which literally means, “white children.” Err nope. I wouldn’t want any white children running down my digestive tract!

7) Every Japanese Kit Kat Flavour Possible


Japan is home to weird and wonderful snacks. Some of it is, well, downright horrible and weird but others are amazing. Their Kit Kat flavours are an example. They have a huge collection of kit kat flavours such as wasabi, sake, blueberry cheesecake and even grilled potato. WHUTTT!?! It’ll be nice for someone to bring it over to local shores so that we too can have a taste of it.


8) Tamagogani – Baby Crab Snack


In Japan, they snack on baby crabs instead of potato chips. It’s quintessentially baby crabs dried and seasoned to give off a sweet, fishy taste. It’s one snack I really don’t mind eating given the chance.


So these are the eight Japanese snacks, food and variations that I think should be brought to the local shores. Some are deadly while others are just weird. What do you think? Let me know!

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