7 Rules To Implement Over The Dinner Table To Get Everyone Involved

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In Singapore’s fast paced economic industry, more and more families seem to view family dinners as a luxury rather than a daily practice. Even during these rare family dinners, each individual seem to be disconnected with each other rather than interacting. My family has several rules that are set during dinnertime. Here are seven of them.


1) Sit Together

Everyone who wants dinner for the night has to sit together at the dinnertable and have the meal together. It doesn’t matter if you had a huge quarrel with your siblings just minutes before, you still had to sit together for meals. If you don’t sit together, you don’t get to eat your meal. Oh and also, nobody leaves the dinner table until everyone has finished their meals.


2) Help set the table and clean up after

If we’re having dinner at home, everyone has to help out in the kitchen. Someone has to take the cutleries and plates, take the drinks and help lay the table. After each meal, we take turns doing the dishes, filling up the bottles and clearing the tables. After years of doing this, my siblings and I know what to do to be able to clean up our mess at the fastest possible time.


3) No phones or technology on the table.

Phones, tablets, laptops, and other similar technologies are barred from the table. My parents set this rule as a way for them to interact with us. If you’re on the phone, put it down and tell the caller that you’ll call him or her later. If you’re texting, you simply stop. No phones means no phones.


4) Eat Together

This was an unspoken rule set by itself. On the table, it makes perfect common sense for everyone to start eating together. It doesn’t matter if we’re outside or at home, we make sure that everyone gets their food first before anyone starts eating. This somehow translates to dinner with friends as we wait for each other. This way, having a meal is much more enjoyable.


5) No complaining

Nobody is allowed to complain about home cooked food. It’s food cooked with love. Even if the dish tasted weird on that day or night, we compliment it first before voicing out our opinions. Opinions, not complains.


6) Talk

The main purpose of having everyone seated together at the dinner table for a meal is to let conversations flow through. You can talk about anything there is to say; like planning holidays, daily reflections or the latest news and gossips. Once someone starts talking, others will follow suit and it’s easy to get involved from there. This makes a good bonding time not only with family but also with friends.


7) Do not over fill your plates

The last rule that my family has is to not over fill your plates with food. Take less and you can take more when you’re done. Also, if there’s food that can be counted like chicken wings, take note of how many people there are around the table and make sure that everyone can get similar portions. Let’s say if there’re 10 pieces of chicken wings and there’re five people, everyone gets two pieces on average. Only if there are leftovers and nobody else wants them, you can get more.

So I’ve shared with you seven rules that my family has to ensure good table manners. Do you have any not listed out? Let me know!


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