7 Galaxy Inspired Dishes That Will Take You Out Of This World

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Remember the post the on Rainbow Dishes From Around The World? Today, we have a whole new lineup for galaxy themed food dishes! Some of which are available in various countries while others require some DIY. Nevertheless, these dishes look deliciously amazing that you just need to try one for yourself!

Here are 7 galaxy themed food that will take you out of this world. (geddit? geddit?)

1. Chocolate Graffiti by The Colossal Shop (Chicago)


Crafted by the artisans at Unelefante, the Chocolate Graffiti bar (USD$13) is made using single-origin cocoa (50%) from Colombia and handpainted with cocoa butter in vivid colors, making every single bar unique and one of a kind.


2. Galaxy Milkshake by Craft of Giving (Australia)


Now you can have a pretty looking milkshake in the theme of galaxy! The mixture of the colours blue, purple and pink blends so well together, forming the bubblegum-like milkshake. The recipe can be found from Craft of Giving.


3. Ice Cream @ Galaxy Freeze (Philippines)


The Galaxy Freeze is an ice cream parlour in Phillippines that uses liquid nitrogen in the making of the ice cream. The entire cafe is decorated with the galaxy theme in mind, as well as the desserts.


4. Galaxy Macaron by Avocados and Ales (Seattle)


People no longer want a simple, plain looking macaron that can be found anywhere in the world. Here, we have a galaxy shell macarons instead. The full recipe can be found on Avocados and Ales and if macaron is not your thing, skip the resting period and bake immediately to get galaxy cookies.

5. Galaxy Cookies by Sweetambs (New York)


Look complicated but trust me when I say it’s easier than it looks. Pipe, smooth and draw circles. Ok, maybe it’s not that simple but Amber decorated the cookie as though its as easy as ABC. The full recipe can be found at Sweetambs or watch the full video instructions.  

6. Galaxy Lollipops by The Colossal Shop (Chicago)


The 10-piece lollipops sets (USD $25.50) are photographic reproductions of various galaxies and each one galaxy has its own flavour, including coconut, cinnamon, peppermint, blueberry, grapefruit, pomegranate, grape, pear, peach, and watermelon.


7. Galaxy Bagel by ThreadBanger (USA)
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7zNdra2SdU]


The flavours for bagels are endless, there are plain, cinnamon, cheese and even the latest introduction of rainbow bagel! Of course, we cannot forget before the invention of rainbow, the galaxy bagel came first. The video from Threadbanger showcases different design of the galaxies! Pretty!

Sadly, as most of them are recipe based, I am can only hope for the dishes to be available at cafes or restaurants. So hurry up Singapore, let’s have galaxy-themed food.

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