7 Fun Things To Do In Singapore For Less Than $10

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The weekends are here again and you’re at a lost: malls again? so boring. Fret not for we have found a few spots in Singapore where you can enjoy your weekends (or holidays or any day) for $10/pax or lesser!

1. Long Kang Fishing



Ditch your phones aside. Long kang fishing will never fail to bring back those bittersweet memories of us running around and poking our fishnets into the drain. These may not be real long kangs but it will be such a wonderful experience for us to just ignore our phones and bond over fishing. However, you may end up spending hours there because the feeling of catching your own fishes is so satisfying! We went for the 1⁄2 hour session and ended up spending one more hour there! With lots of community strength going on, don’t be surprised that there will be some pros offering to help you catch some of those or even people teaming up to help one another to fish! A really heartwarming situation to be in!

Qian Hu Fish Farm: $6 for 1⁄2 hour | $10 for 1 hour
Mainland Tropical Fish Farm: $4 for 1⁄2 hour | $8 for 1 hour

2. Karaoke



Forget Teo Heng and MANEKINEKO. This family-friendly KTV charges only $10/pax for ! They have lots of other facilities like snooker/pool tables and Kinect 360. With 3 outlets islandwide, it is highly accesible but unfortunately the only outlet nearest to the West would be Chinatown. Their song list may not be as extensive but they do have updated pop songs. You can even bring your own snacks in, what a plus point! In the afternoons, you can sing up to 5 hours at just $10 or 3 hours in the night. This is way cheaper than the rest of the karaokes out there. Super worth it!

Ten Dollar Club: $5 for children aged 3-11 | $10 for adults

3. Hay Dairies



Go on an educational farm tour at Hay Dairies to find out more about the goats. There will be a milking session which we can observe. Watch the goat’s daily activities — live, right in front of you. It will be an eye-opener even for the adults. A bottle of goat’s milk with flavours to choose from is also included in the tour (only applicable for large groups). You may find the smell of goats and their dung a little overwhelming but it’s really a “WOW” moment when you witness everything, from their feeding time to milking session to the living area. It’s something that we only get to see overseas and we are thankful there’s one right here on the little red dot.

Hay Dairies: Free for less than 20 people | $3.21 for group of 20

4. Jurong Frog Farm



We see frogs everywhere; on ads, in books,  even tiny ones in grass patches. But have we seen reared-frogs? Not really. What does a frog even do? Why is there even a frog farm? Learn lots of new facts that you have never known and get all your questions answered  at Gabbe’s Family Tour ($10)! They have many different tours and even some hands-on moments with the frogs for visitors, prices differ for different tours and it ranges from free-of-charge to $18 (there are some tours that are only open to schools).

Jurong Frog Farm: $10/pax 

5. Mycofarm


Edible or not, learn about the different types of mushrooms that we commonly see. There are hundreds of mushrooms housed in this farm and you will be surprised that they are growing on wood pulps in stead of soil. There will be a guided tour where you can see how the Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms are grown. They do harvest mushrooms that can be sold and they even have a beers made from mushrooms! 

Mycofarm: Free

6. Kayaking



For 2 hours of non-stop fun, children and students get to enjoy a special rate during non-peak hours at just $8/pax while adult fee ranges from $10-$12. The waters are not too rough so it wouldn’t be too strength-consuming. Not only is this a good way to get you hardcore muggers out to absorb some Vitamin D and de-stress, it’s also something different besides the usual cafe-hopping or shopping. Keeping your mind and body healthy is certainly important. If you are not into this, what are you doing with your life? Challenge your friends to the finishing line now!

Singapore Sports Hub: $8 for children/students 

7. Animal Farm Hopping



You can farm-hop from Kranji to Lim Chu Kang, you can also hop from Farmways 1 to 3 in Pasir Ris. There are tons of dog farms there with a huge variety of dogs; from small, young ones to big old ones, chihuahua to German sheperds. You can also go prawning there and be awed by this huge blue lobster at one of the prawn farms! You have to keep your eyes peels for it because we only chance upon it by accident! Remember to drop by the rabbit farm to see the cute little ones which you can’t find at the usual pet stores (be sure to watch out for the one with eyes that looks like it has been drawn!

All admission free.

Many of us are ignorant of the farms we have in Singapore and little knowledge about the everyday things we come in contact with. Take this opportunity to shun away from technology and get closer to nature!

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